Answer a Few Questions and Discover Which WINX Fairy Your Personality Is Most Like!


Photo Credit: Netflix

Sofia Goldenstein, Staff Writer


Water, Earth, Fire, Light, or Empathy… Which WINX fairy are you most like? Released on Netflix on January 22, 2021, Fate: The Winx Saga’s six-episode first season is a live-action adaptation of the Winx Club series, a popular cartoon in the 2000s. The series follows six unique fairies as they navigate life in Alfea, and the threat of the Burned Ones onto their lives. Take this quiz to see which of the six unique fairies your personality matches the most!


How Would You Like To Be Perceived?

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Favorite After School Activity?

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Favorite Breakfast Food?

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Comfort Show?

What Does A Typical Saturday Night Look Like?

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What Do You Think Is Your Greatest Flaw?

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Greatest Character Trait?

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Answer a Few Questions and Discover which WINX Fairy Your Personality Is Most Like!
Bloom: Fire Fairy

You are most like Bloom! Like Bloom, you are driven, strong and kind. Even though sometimes you can act before you think, you are a good friend and are always willing to learn more!
Tera: Earth Fairy

You are most like Tera! You are always there to offer support to your friends in times of need. You love all things earthy and even though you try not to let others' words affect you, sometimes you can be on the sensitive side!
Musa: Empathy Fairy

You are most like Musa! You are intense, intelligent, and are up for anything. Sometimes it can be hard to put yourself first, but you always support others and are there to listen.
Aisha: Water Fairy

You are most like Aisha! Like her, you are fierce and would do anything for your friends. You pride yourself on your athletic ability and strength, and always offer a lending hand.
Stella: Light Fairy

You are most like Stella! Like her, you are intense, driven, and always in the public eye. You pride yourself on your style and even though you can seem mean at first, when people get to know you they find how sweet and gentle you really are.