Dedication ceremony in honor of Soraya Nazarian held at middle school

Justin Kroll

Staff Writer

On Wednesday, November 24, a dedication ceremony at the middle school amphitheater was held for Soraya Nazarian, who produced a statue for Milken. Dr. Sarah Shulkind, middle school principal, Rabbi Eli Herscher, Stephen S. Wise Temple senior rabbi, Rabbi David Wolpe, Sinai Temple rabbi, and Nazarian herself spoke at the event.

The statue, titled Identity, was unveiled privately in front of the middle school office after the ceremony.

Soraya Nazarian was honored at a special dedication ceremony at the middle school. Photo by Samantha Simon.

For many students, this was their first time seeing the newly erected middle school. It was also the first time that the entire school, grades 7-12, gathered since the completion of the campus. The school day was cut short a period for the dedication, which lasted roughly an hour and a half. Along with the speeches, the meeting featured musical entertainment by Kol Echad, the Jazz ensemble, and the Chamber ensemble.

Many students enjoyed being able to see the middle school campus and learn about such an esteemed member of the community.

“The Nazarian dedication was simple but nice. Without knowing who Soraya was before the assembly, I was not aware of what she had done for the community. However, as I walked back to class when it ended I got a whole new perspective and appreciation for her talent and her whole family,” Elianna Wasserman ’14 said. “I enjoyed getting to be a part of the ceremony, and I am glad I was able to learn more about her and how much she and the Nazarian family have given to our community.”