Milken’s Israeli Dance Company performs in Israel

Eden Jablon

Staff Writer

From October 14 to October 24, Mr. David Dassa, dance instructor and director and founder of his Israeli Dance company, led seven of his dancers to Israel. While there, they performed in five locations and in front of crowds anywhere from 500 to 1000 people.

The trip was paid for by Gadi Batton, famous choreographer and Israeli dance promoter.

Dance Team
Seven members of the Milken Dance Team, pictured above, traveled to Israel in October and performed at five different locations. Photo by Ziv Kovacs.

The dance troupe spent about one and a half months practicing for the trip, preparing about four hours a week. Though they had little time to practice before they left, Dassa was proud of the dancers’ consistently excellent performances. In particular, there was one dance that told the story of a mother who lost her son in a terrorist attack.

“The reception was incredible – the audience was so moved there were tears in their eyes,” Dassa said.

The dance company, now seven years old, has performed in Israel, Mexico City, Boston, and Sacramento. Their next performance will be during halftime at the Los Angeles Clippers game December 6.