Black Friday 2020: The Shopping May Look Different, But The Sales Are Better Than Ever!

Leila Soleimani, Staff Writer

Black Friday was usually the day where we could walk around the mall and work off some of the calories we devoured the night before, but now with the pandemic, Black Friday will probably look a little different. Longer lines outside of stores, masks, and tons of hand sanitizer bottles are just a few things that will make this year’s day of shopping feel a little off. With that said, the deals are still show-stopping, and down below, we have them all laid out for you. 

There are two things many people can agree on. One, that Jeff Bezos is greedy and should be helping out by donating his billions of dollars to people who need it most. And two, that despite the fact that some people believe Bezos is not a very good person, we could not live without Amazon with their low prices, variety of inventory, and same-day shipping. It’s all too good to be true. Amazon will also be having a huge Black Friday sale this year. This NBC article will give you an exact rundown of which items you should splurge on this year. Don’t forget to stock up on your disposable cameras!

Many of our Milken favorites will also be having sales. Stores such as Victoria’s Secret, UrbanOutfitters, and Pacsun will be having a buy-one-get-one-50% off sale! Other stores like Alo and Shein are having sales up to 70% off! Zara has up to 40% off and Aritzia has up to 20% off on select items. At Nordstrom, Over 1,000 items will be up to 50% off in-store and online, with new deals being added every day through November 30. Stores like Princess Polly and Oh Polly will be having 25% off sitewide sales. Wanna get some merch to support your favorite podcasters? Barstool has you covered with a 20% off sale!

As always, Walmart and BestBuy will be having many deals on their gadgets and gizmos of plenty. But make sure to check on Amazon as many of their electronics, such as the ones linked below, will have better deals and faster shipping!

Although shopping from these bigger stores is very quick, convenient, and at times cheaper, don’t forget to support small businesses that are struggling immensely during these hard times! Stay safe and have fun shopping!