60 Things to do to Kill Boredom While You’re at Home


Image from SpongeBuddy Mania

Kayla Nickfardjam, Social Media Manager

Mikayla Weissberg, Voices Editor

In the midst of the coronavirus chaos, many are ironically overwhelmed with the mundane boredom that comes with socially isolating themselves. Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring. Below are some of our favorite ways to make this a time one to recharge, be productive, or just do anything to distract yourself during Spring Break in the backyard. 

  1. If you have a dog, teach them something they can’t do
  2. Peel dry Elmer’s Glue off of your hands (weird but satisfying) 
  3. Make playlists for different aspects of your life (commuting, showering, working, etc.) 
  4. Go on a walk or hike
  5. Pick up a hobby you have always wanted to try (knitting, gardening, embroidering)
  6. Start a workout challenge 
  7. Call relatives who live far away 
  8. Try journaling 
  9. Practice or learn a new instrument 
  10. Have a D.I.Y self-care spa day 
  11. Download Duolingo and learn a new language 
  12. Download a meditation app 
  13. Try to recreate your favorite drag queen’s signature look

    Image from Trixie Mattel Youtube Channe
  14. Make a lifetime bucket list 
  15. Practice perfecting that winged liner (very productive
  16. Write poetry or an epic short story
  17. Delete unnessacery photos from your camera roll
  18. Unsubscribe from unwanted email lists 
  19. Disinfect all of your devices (computer, phone, television remote control, etc) 
  20. Clean out your closet and sell the unwanted clothes on Depop or donate them
  21. Send hand-written letters to your friends
  22. Mark the birthdays of all of your family and friends on your calendar 
  23. Sign an online petition for a worthy cause 
  24. Make a pillow fort

          Image from Penn State
  25. Donate to a local food bank 
  26. Read some books that are lying around that you have never managed to get to
  27. Many universities have free online classes that are accessible to the general public. Go learn something you’re actually interested in
  28. If you are able, go shopping for the elderly or those with young children (and drop off the goods at their door)
  29. Look through old photo albums with your family 
  30. Learn as many TikTok dances as possible (extra points if you can learn how to throw it back)
  31. Bake a funky Pinterest recipe 
  32. Shop from an online store that you have never visited 
  33. Complete (or try to complete) a 1000 piece puzzle with your family 
  34. Try Netflix Party and watch movies and shows with your friends (if you haven’t already, check out Tiger King)
  35. Watch as many Meryl Streep movies as you can (Tom Hanks will also suffice) 
  36. Make an iMovie music video 
  37. Get some box dye and dye your hair a fun color

    Image from InStyle
  38. Get lost in a YouTube rabbit-hole (You can start with this: Orangutan Jungle School) 
  39. Call your Grandma and ask her how to create one of the best recipes and then make it
  40. Have a painting night
  41. Have a dance party with the people you live with
  42. Watch as many of this year’s Oscar-Winning films as you can 
  43. Have a self-timer photo shoot to update your Instagram feed 
  44. Play board games with your family 
  45. Listen to newly released albums

    “Kid Krow” by Conan Gray- Image from Amazon
  46. Ask your grandparents to help you create a family tree/family history!
  47. Create new photo albums to look back on with your children during the next global epidemic (hopefully not anytime soon) 
  48. Make friendship bracelets
  49. Write a letter to your future self
  50. Join an online book club, or start one with your friends
  51. Annoy your neighbors — do some karaoke loudly!
  52. Do some nail art
  53. Create a bop on Garageband 
  54. Listen to podcasts
  55. Read your horoscope 
  56. Get dressed in a cool fit, do your hair, and put on a fun makeup look (then immediately take it all off and get back in your pajamas)
  57. Learn how to juggle
  58. Plan your dream vacation down to the minute
  59. Vlog your Stay-at-Home experience 
  60. Wash your hands and take a deep, cleansing breath!