Jules and Mik’s “The Bachelor” Review (Season 24 Episode 8)


Mikayla Weissberg and Julia Simon

Voices Editor and Community Editor

Welcome to Mikayla and Julia’s weekly Bachelor review! We are so pleased to have you in attendance. Each week, we’re giving personal opinions and highlights of the episodes as they’re released every Monday on ABC at 8/7 central and available to stream on Hulu. Last week’s episode includes the tense home-town date competition and, of course, a multitude of drama — from Peter’s ex coming out of nowhere to give him a dire warning to a shocking discovery of “waiting till marriage.” Prepare yourselves for takeoff.

This girl had her flight with Pilot Peter cut short: 


Even after having a seemingly successful date with Peter, our champagne queen’s reign has sadly ended. We have seen a lot of emotional and personal growth from Kelsey this season — emerging from her multiple breakdowns to becoming (shockingly) one of the most mature women left. Unfortunately, we know Peter is allergic to maturity, so this meant that Kelsey had to go, even though he didn’t get to meet Victoria’s parents because she threw a temper tantrum. We hope Kelsey is somewhere on a foreign beach watching this season, happily drinking champagne and laughing at Peter’s stupidity.  

Hometown Dates:

Hannah Ann

Hannah Ann’s date with Peter in Knoxville, Tennessee consisted of her trying to turn Peter into the manly man her dad dreams of. The two went axe throwing and Peter didn’t really prove his strength, but he managed to hit a single bullseye (god knows how many tries it took for him to get it). After the super-masculine date (ha!), Peter headed to Hannah Ann’s home to meet her family. Rick, Hannah Ann’s dad, tried to keep his cool, but his disapproval for this dramatic TV show and Peter in general was quite evident. Pilot Pete hoped to keep things afloat by informing Rick that he planned on telling Hannah Ann he is falling in love with her, but this didn’t work out in Peter’s favor. Rick said the classic warning — do not hurt his daughter by playing with her emotions (or else). Rick’s warning didn’t stop Peter from spilling his emotions to Hannah Ann that night, which, unlike her dad, gave her some hope.


Peter met Kelsey in Iowa and they immediately went to a winery (didn’t know that there were wineries in Iowa, but okay) and they stomped on grapes in order to cultivate the perfect wine. This scene was not only awkward to watch, it was insanely gross. Who in the world thought it was a good idea to zoom in on goop covered feet?? That’s just unsettling. Anyway, the two even slow-danced while smashing the grapes with their feet. We’re sure that was meant to be a cute moment, but it was just weird. While sipping their wine, Kelsey told Peter that she loves him. Uh oh… we know this isn’t going to end well (also, Peter didn’t say it back which was awkward). Kelsey’s mom gives Peter the classic “don’t hurt her” speech, but everything else seems to go smoothly. When Peter left, he told Kelsey that he was falling for her. 


Peter was off to Alabama! This date was absolutely adorable, but also confirmed our beliefs that Madison is way too good for Peter. Not only is she too pure for him, Madison is more athletically inclined than he is. The two played basketball against each other and, of course, Madison won. When at dinner with Madison’s family, we learn that she’s saving herself for marriage. Oh no… that is not going to go well for her considering the fantasy suites are just around the corner. Chad, Madison’s dad, also gave Peter a hard time about his claim that he is falling in love with Madison. I mean, who can blame him? Is it really possible to be in love with four girls at a time? Chad isn’t the only one having doubts, as seen when Madison explains that she’s still figuring out if their “souls are compatible.”

Victoria F. 

The fact that Victoria F. wasn’t eliminated by the end of this date is absolutely shocking. Sure, they had a good date. Victoria even surprised him with a private concert from a country singer she didn’t date! After the concert came to a close, Peter ran into an ex (it seems as though this is a recurring theme between them). Here’s the twist- Peter’s ex warns him to steer clear of Victoria F. because she isn’t the good person she (unsuccessfully) pretends to be. When Peter arrived at Victoria F.’s house, things immediately went south. He attempted to bring up the situation with Victoria, who was unable to have a mature conversation without walking away and sobbing. Peter obviously wasn’t going to meet Victoria F.’s family if she wasn’t willing to have this conversation with him, so Peter decided to leave before ever stepping inside the home.  

Most Jaw-Dropping Moments:

Victoria F.’s Inability to Have an Adult Conversation 

Once Peter confronted Victoria F. about what his ex-girlfriend told him, Victoria F. went into full-tantrum mode. She literally transformed, in a matter of seconds, from a 20-something-year-old woman to a sputtering toddler. As we know, Victoria F.’s favorite thing to do at Peter’s slightest constructive criticism is to 1. Deflect and 2. Cry. Victoria started freaking out and blaming everything on paper, then ran away sobbing (while pushing the cameras away Colton Underwood style — nice touch, Vic!) and THEN she decided that this was a good time to tell Peter she was falling in love with him. She is a whole mess. We hope that Peter can see through her fakeness and end up with a woman that actually has the emotional maturity to handle a relationship (cough Madison cough) but honestly, at this point, does he even deserve it?

Funniest Moment: 

Madison’s Special Plate

Madison is definitely a Bachelor nation favorite, but her family is one of the cringiest, stereotypically white Christian families to ever walk the face of the earth. During every dinner, one of the family members is given the “special plate.” If you’re granted this incredible honor, everyone at the dinner table has to say what they admire about you. Of course, Madison was given the plate on this fine evening. This really cringey tradition felt really forced and awkward. If we were Peter, we’d probably break out in laughter.

Who we want to win: 

  • Julia: Madison
  • Mikayla: Madison

Who we think will actually win:

  • Julia: Hannah Ann
  • Mikayla: Hannah Ann

Who’s Left:

Hannah Ann


Victoria F.

See you guys next week! Love you so much!