Jules and Mik’s “The Bachelor” Review (Season 24 Episode 4)



Mikayla Weissberg, Voices Editor

Julia Simon, Community Editor

Welcome to Mikayla and Julia’s weekly Bachelor review! We are so pleased to have you in attendance. Each week, we’re giving personal opinions and highlights of the episodes as they’re released every Monday on ABC at 8/7 central and available to stream on Hulu. Last week, Pilot Peter’s journey includes a spicy past with a country singer, a football game, and the return of the shady pageant queen. Prepare yourselves for takeoff.

Most Jaw-Dropping Moments:

Let’s Cut to the CHASE

During their one-on-one, Peter surprises Victoria F. with a private Chase Rice concert! Great, right? WRONG. Victoria F. used to date this country hunk, but couldn’t break the news to Peter until they were at dinner after the concert ended. Because Peter didn’t know, the two danced, sang, and made out to Victoria F.’s ex. That’s definitely not awkward. 

Alayah Comes Back

After being sent home the previous week, Alayah came back to set the record straight about what was said about her. Alayah exposed Victoria P. as a liar, which made Peter question everything he thought he knew about her. After spending time sorting out this situation (instead of talking to the girls who weren’t kicked off in the weeks prior and who played a gruesome game of football to get a couple of minutes alone with him), he invites Alayah back onto the show. 

Victoria F. and Alayah Butt Heads

After the girls got back to their hotel, Alayah told people about Victoria F’s history with Chase Rice and her awkward one-on-one. Victoria F. had kept the painful details about the date to herself, and Alayah only knew because she was able to use her phone after she was sent home in the previous week. This, understandably, made Victoria F. upset — it was her private information that she clearly didn’t want to share. Victoria F. confronted Alayah in her hotel room, calling her out on “stirring the pot” and being immature. Although we aren’t the biggest Victoria F. fans, we both loved seeing the toddler-esque Alayah get unabashedly destroyed. 

The Girls Bite Back

The women FINALLY called Peter out! After some of these girls went weeks without spending any private time with Peter, they finally had enough of it. The girls told Peter that they slaved away on the football field and even had the bruises to prove it, yet their efforts were thrown out the window as soon as Alayah walked through the door. This moment was really shocking for us because the girls always stayed silent when Peter canceled events or didn’t spend time with the majority of them. We honestly thought they’d never stand up for themselves, but this moment proved us wrong and made us feel proud of these brave ladies!

Date Rose: Victoria F.

After having a full-blown panic attack (again) because she was scared that Peter was going to make her skydive, Victoria F. got in a plane with Pilot Pete and the love birds flew to an amusement park. The two seemed to have a really great time together during that portion of the date, but the drama ensues when Peter surprises Victoria F. with a private Chase Rice concert. Of course, it was a shocking “coincidence” that Victoria F. used to date this country star. Just when we thought that this situation couldn’t be more awkward, Peter says, “Maybe we’ll dance to a Chase Rice song at our wedding.” Yikes. After the concert ended, Peter spoke to Chase in private (putting us on the edge of our seats) about the performance and Victoria F. had another panic attack. During Peter and Victoria F.’s romantic dinner, she reveals that she did in fact date the country singer. This SHOCKED Pilot Pete and an overwhelmed Victoria F., who left the dinner table to cry (we thought she ran out of tears at this point). After calming her down, Peter gives her the Date Rose and now we can all move on from this drama. 

Kelsey also got a Date Rose after spilling her guts to Peter about something that stained her memory forever. Kelsey told Peter a story about how she found out that her parents were getting a divorce and about how she knew about it before her mom did. Kelsey showed a deeper and more complicated side of herself and revealed that she’s more than a girl who gets upset about champagne.

Group Date Rose (who got it and our opinion):

Thirteen lucky girls went on the group date this episode, and they were split into two teams and played football against each other. The winning team would spend the evening at a cocktail party with the Bachelor himself, but the teams tied and all thirteen girls enjoyed his presence. Or so they thought… Their time with Peter was cut short when Alayah came back and stole the show. The entire cocktail party was dedicated to Alayah and even ended with him giving the Group Date Rose to her. Umm… WHAT? Alayah didn’t even go on the group date, but for some reason deserved the rose? This infuriated the girls and, honestly, made us dislike Peter. 

Who we want to win: 

  • Julia: Madison
  • Mikayla: Madison

Who we think will actually win:

  • Julia: Hannah Ann
  • Mikayla: Madison

Who’s Left:



Hannah Ann












Victoria F.

Victoria P.

See you guys next week! Love you so much!