Jules and Mik’s “The Bachelor” Review (Season 24 Episode 3)



Mikayla Weissberg, Voices Editor

Julia Simon, Community Editor

Welcome to Mikayla and Julia’s weekly Bachelor review! We are so pleased to have you in attendance. Each week, we’re giving personal opinions and highlights of the episodes as they’re released. This week, Pilot Peter’s journey includes a crazy finasco, a pillow-wrestling match, and a shady pageant queen. Prepare yourselves for takeoff.

These girls had their flight with Pilot Peter cut short: 

Alayah, Sarah, Alexa, and Jasmine

Most Jaw-Dropping Moments:

Kesley doesn’t like champagne
After the whole champagne “finasco,” Kesley and Hannah Anne have a conversation about the drama and beef between them. Kelsey reveals that she doesn’t even like champagne and that the fight wasn’t about the sparkling beverage. Almost the entire plot of episode 2 was dedicated to this whole ordeal, and now we all feel silly for being wrapped up in the drama in the first place. 

Sydney confronts Alayah

After Sydney loses the pillow fight to Alayah, she goes OFF about Alayah’s fake and manipulative personality. She then went on to confront the pageant princess in person, accusing her of not working (“Do you, like, work, at all?”), being obsessed with her image, and being “so rehearsed.” Sydney attacks Alayah’s ability to be herself (even though she doesn’t know Alayah), by saying “opening up and being your true core is hard” because of her pageant training. Sydney goes on to tell Peter about Alayah’s “true intentions” in order to protect him from falling for the master manipulator. 

Victoria P. knows Alayah?

In the midst of Peter’s SVU-like Alayah interrogation, Victoria P. confessed to Peter that they actually knew each other before coming on the show from the Miss USA pageant (even though their time together totaled about three hours), but Alayah asked Victoria P. not to tell the producers that they knew each other?!?!?!? This was a serious shocker, and added to the overwhelming evidence that Alayah was, in fact, on the Bachelor for the wrong reasons!!!!

Peter takes a flight out of the rose ceremony… 

Feeling overwhelmed and confused about his feelings for Alayah, Peter leaves the rose ceremony before giving out the final two roses. He can’t seem to choose between what he should follow: his brain or his physical attraction. Let’s be real, he doesn’t know Alayah well at all, so he has no reason to feel like she could be the one (especially with all the evidence that she sucks). This makes it extremely clear that he’s just hung up on her physical beauty, not her personality. After having his mental breakdown, Peter comes back to the rose ceremony. To everyone’s surprise, one of the roses was removed. Peter ended up giving the final rose to Mykenna, leaving pageant queen Alayah to lose the title of Miss Peter’s Girlfriend. 

Funniest Moment: Pronunciation nation

After episode three, the internet was RAGING about two very specific moments in the show: Hannah Ann mispronouncing the word fiasco as “finasco” and Kiarra pronouncing lingerie as “linger-y”. These bachelorettes are often labeled as not being the sharpest tools in the shed, and this finasco did not help them overcome the stereotype. Nice try, ladies!

Date Rose:

After going shopping for cowboy clothes (clearly emblematic of Peter’s Los Angeles hometown), Victoria P. and Peter went to the Bachelor’s favorite bar and line dancing spot on their one-on-one. After the adorable date, Victoria P. bravely opened up about her traumatic childhood which forced her to grow up at a young age. With an absent dad and a mom suffering from drug addiction, Victoria P. was forced to take care of her little sister all by herself. This is a difficult story to share and Peter clearly had a newfound respect and affinity for Victoria P. This date formed a strong connection between the couple, landing her the Date Rose. 

Group Date Rose (who got it and our opinion):

After an intense pillow-fighting match, the Group Date Rose went to Sydney, who opened up to Peter about her worries regarding Alayah’s fakeness and unleashed some ridiculous drama about the former pageant robot.


Jules applauds Sydney’s bravery, but thinks that Sydney should have been more sensitive to Alayah and less catty about the whole situation. 

Mik thinks that Sydney should not have gotten a rose for throwing another girl under the bus, and thinks that it stemmed at least partially from having lost to her in the pillow fight.

Who we want to win: 

  • Julia: Victoria P. 
  • Mikayla: Madison

Who we think will actually win:

  • Julia: Victoria P.
  • Mikayla: Madison

Who’s Left:


Hannah Ann












Victoria F.

Victoria P.

See you guys next week! Love you so much!