17 Trends That All 2010’s Kids Will Remember


Photo courtesy of Stayhipp

Rachel Leff, Kayla Nickfardjam

Entertainment Editor, Social Media Manager

As the decade comes to an end, we can’t help but reflect upon everything that made it so unique. While some cringe at the now-outdated trends that they once bought into (we’re also guilty, we admit it!), many smile endearingly at the nostalgic tokens of their past. Listed below is everything from the viral videos to the fabulous fashions that distinguished this decade from the rest.

  1. Silly Bandz
Image courtesy of The Press Enterprise

All the funky shapes and vibrant colors made every kid obsessed with trading Silly Bands on the recess yard. 


2. Hair Tinsels and Feathers

Images courtesy of Feather Heads and New York Daily News

We all remember when girls went a little too crazy with their multi-color hair feathers and tinsel.  


3. Scooby-Doo Fruit Snacks 

Image courtesy of Reddit

We were all jealous of the kids who had Scooby-Doo snack gummies in their lunch boxes. Especially when there were a lot of blue gummies in one of the packets.


4. Heelys

Image courtesy of Heelys


And who can forget all the kids who were eager to skate around in their brand new pair of Heelys? 


5. Easy-Bake Oven


Image courtesy of WCVB

Was it real food? No one will ever know. 


6. Gushers

Image courtesy of BJ’s

When I was a kid, I would literally give my left leg for a bag of gushers. 


7. Webkinz 

Image courtesy of Money Inc.

Catch me at the mines saving up money to build a two-story mansion. 


8. Club Penguin

Photo courtesy of Stayhipp

We can’t forget the Puffles!


9. Justice

Image courtesy of Twelve Oaks

There was never such a thing as too many sparkles… Someone should’ve stopped us. 


10. Blockbuster

Image courtesy of The Telegraph


Everyone remembers roaming through the aisles, looking to find the perfect movie to watch with your family while eating popcorn and Red Vines.


11. Nintendo DS

Photo courtesy of Tech Radar


We all used to hide our Nintendo DS’s under our pillows when our parents came in our rooms to check if we were sleeping.


12. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Music Video


Image courtesy of HuffPost


“Kickin’ in the front seat, 

Sittin’ in the back seat, 

Gotta make my mind up, 

Which seat can I take?”


13. Wii Sports

Image courtesy of Knowyourmeme

This guy always beat you in tennis.


14. Just Dance


Image courtesy of Destination Events

Did anyone else make their dad play Just Dance with them?  


15. Fortnite

Image courtesy of Critical Hit Gaming

Nothing beats that sweet Victory Royale.


16. Mario Kart

Image courtesy of News Beezer

Those bananas really messed us all up.


17. Ask.FM


Image courtesy of Chicago Now

The source of all middle-school drama.