Student Judiciary Council members elected

SJC Members

Eden Jablon

Staff Writer

On November 22 and 23, 178 members of the Milken student body voted for their choice of Student Judiciary Council (SJC) members. Of the 22 candidates, Ami Fields-Meyer ’12, Ariel Isaacson ’13, Kathy Petri ’13, and Rachel Sapire ’11 were elected to the council.

The voting was unique this year because of its electronic format. Alongside each candidate’s photo was a brief statement written by the student. This allowed Milken students to take a more active interest and vote for those who they felt were most capable.

“It was a pleasant surprise to see how many people were interested in voting for such an honorable position in the Milken community,” Isaacson said.

Presently, the two main duties of the SJC are suggesting appropriate consequences regarding unethical conduct and creating a written Milken honor code. The honor code focuses on fostering an environment of moral behavior and attaining a voluntary commitment from every Milken student to act ethically.

“This school needs an honor code. The idea of school without cheating or stealing isn’t a radical notion, it’s a logical one,” Fields-Meyer said.

Each of the newly elected justices holds unique views as to their vision of service and the honor code. As a senior, Sapire will be able to contribute uniquely to the SJC because she can relate to the students.

“It is the SJC’s duty to maintain a feeling of safety at school and to ensure that the limits and rules of Milken are understood by everyone,” Sapire said.

Mr. Jerry Martin, SJC advisor and English teacher, sees great potential in this year’s SJC. Through the honor code, he hopes that they will become a more prevalent presence on campus.

“We have an outstanding SJC and very strong new members,” he said.

Photos by Olivia Hitchcock and Samantha Simon.