Look Out UCSB, Milken Golf Star is Headed Your Way


Emily Vanek

Co Editor-in-Chief

Six days a week, four hours on weekdays, and nine hours on the weekends. That’s the dedication of Griffin Feldman ‘20, golfer extraordinaire, who was recruited to play Division I golf at the University of California, Santa Barbara, next fall.

Feldman, a golf legacy of three generations, was practically raised to dominate the sport, playing competitively for the first time at 10 years old. Feldman has won many championships in the past years, including placing first in the Liberty League Golf Finals in 2018, but it seems safe to say that in his senior year of high school, his hard work finally paid off. 

Being recruited for UCSB means so much to Feldman as it is close to home, directly on the beach, and it boasts a great golf team. 

Feldman has worked tirelessly to reach this level of achievement, and now, for the most part, he rest and enjoy the remainder of his senior year, leaving his classmates slightly envious. As for advice to any aspiring golf stars, Feldman swears by two mottos: patience and work ethic. Although he admits that it can be quite frustrating to stay patient throughout the recruitment process, Feldman believes that if you keep practicing to “take your game to the next level,” it will pay off in the end.

The Roar sat down with Feldman to talk more about his achievement:


Who is your biggest golf inspiration?

My biggest inspiration in the game of golf would be my dad. By growing up on the course with him, I grew a strong passion for the game. 


If anyone, who do you owe your success to, or who helped you get to the place you are today? 

I could not be in the place I am today without the immense support from my friends, coaches, and family. Without their constant support, I could not be able to focus and continue to push myself like I have been the last couple years. 


When and how did it occur to you that you were qualified to play Division I college golf?

It occurred to me that I was able to play Division I college golf after my recent success of being one of nine individuals in Southern California to make it to CIF State Championships.


What is the recruitment process like?

The recruitment process is very long and very tiring. Schools normally take in 3-4 new players every year, so competing against the other 10+ kids they’re recruiting is very hard mentally. The trick that I found was to be very persistent in emailing and contacting coaches on my recent success. 


Where else were you looking into besides UCSB?

I wanted to stay in Southern California for college because I knew I wanted to pursue golf and this is the best weather in the country for golf. Other schools in Southern California did reach out to me, however, UCSB was my number one choice. 


Are you already in touch with your future teammates?

I was lucky enough over the last couple years to play in tournaments with kids who are currently on the team. With that said, I know many, but still have to meet a couple more.