Rebuilding New Orleans Tiyul 2019 Video


Kayla Nickfardjam

Staff Writer

During this year’s annual Tiyulim Week, the sophomore class of 2021 embarked on a five-day journey to the vibrant city of New Orleans. With the primary goal of the trip being to rebuild houses that were destroyed in hurricane Katrina, the students spent much of their trip learning first-hand why the devastation occurred and how it has impacted the local community since. The remainder of the trip was dedicated to experiencing the rich culture of the city. A true extravaganza for the senses, students enjoyed activities such as attending a private Jazz show at Preservation Hall, taking tours of the beautiful Bayou River and French Quarter, and of course, eating the one of a kind cuisine. The trip finished strongly with a private tour of New Orleans’ Tulane University and heartfelt thanks to the teachers and staff who helped facilitate the trip.