Misha Rudajev: On the way to nationals


Rachel Leff
Entertainment Editor

Misha Rudajev is not your ordinary sophomore. In addition to balancing Milken’s challenging classes, Rudajev has also chosen to take on rigorous gymnast training for nationals this summer.

The Roar sat down with Rudajev to learn more about his unique past and process of becoming a gymnast. Many may be unaware that Misha was born in Hong Kong and lived in Singapore for nine years before coming to Milken. While living in Singapore, Misha began doing gymnastics just for the fun of it. He started at the age of six, but stopped around the age of ten when he moved to America (Florida). Back then, it never occurred to him that he would continue gymnastics, let alone at a competitive level. It was only when he moved to Los Angeles that Misha’s father – whom many Milken students had as their middle school math teacher (Marc Rudajev) – encouraged Misha to continue with his passion for gymnastics. He tried out a co-ed team that held national team members and ended up loving it.

Ever since, Rudajev has been a dedicated team member, placing very high in regionals. He is now tirelessly working to prepare for nationals this July. He trains five times a week for three to four hours.

When asked about the challenge of balancing school with gymnastics, he explains, “I guess I am just kinda used to it at this point since I have been doing it since the beginning of high school.”

Currently, Rudajev is at level nine in gymnastics, and his goal is to be an Elite by the end of his high school years. Rudajev is certainly not ending his gymnastics career with his high school one; he is planning on taking a gap year right after college to go to WAGS, also known as World of All Ages, where he will be competing with gymnasts from all around the world.