Rabbi BK 3D prints Torah in Guerin

Rabbi BK 3D prints Torah in Guerin

Emily Vanek

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

With the Guerin at the fingertips of Milken students, the school has encouraged the community to utilize its resources to explore and innovate. Students and faculty have access to the facility’s 3D printers, laser cutters, and programming tools, incorporating it into their school routine, and using it to create posters, signs, and more.

Recently, Milken faculty and administrators have been developing ways to encourage more students to use the Guerin. Simultaneously, Milken’s Rabbinic Director, Rabbi Gordon Bernat-Kunin has been working on ways to make Judaic studies classes more interactive for students. To resolve both of these issues, Rabbi B-K is proposing to merge Judaism, a core Milken value, with the technology in the Guerin starting next fall. Rabbi B-K strongly believes that intertwining Judaic studies classes with the Guerin will enrich both aspects of Milken.

The exact plan of how the class would be synced has not been determined entirely. However, all Jewish studies courses will be taught in the Guerin, and all course material, assignments, and projects will be technology related and executed in the Guerin. This program is not only to excite students, but also Milken will be known as a school that is keeping Judaism relevant and modern by integrating technology.

To launch the beginning of this revolutionary affiliation, Rabbi B-K is planning to create a school wide symbol of this consolidation. He is going to 3D print a Torah to place on the top of the front wall in the Guerin.

Because a 3D printed Torah is not permitted by halacha, as each letter needs to be handwritten, Rabbi B-K is hoping to use it as a symbol rather than a holy object. This Torah will instead be a representation of the joining of Judaism and technology.

Rabbi B-K is planning to work with the Guerin faculty and security team to create a design that will be easily viewed, but not overpowering to the Guerin. The Roar will keep you posted with updates and photos regarding this new school program and Torah design.