Milken Middle School’s Production of “The Little Mermaid”


Michaela Baxter

Staff Writer

This past month, the Milken Middle School unveiled a production of The Little Mermaid Jr. that I had the pleasure of seeing on its opening night. The show was filled with wild and vibrant costumes, a lively set, and talent in excess from the Middle School participants.

The show came together at the hands of two talented directors: Mr. Rami Raff and Ms. Sarah Shapiro. When asked about the process and experience of directing this show, Mr. Raff replied, “Working on Little Mermaid has been a wonderful experience and a strong reminder that the best theater is collaborative.The problem solving can be stressful, but the solutions are so satisfying when you see everything finished. The other piece that’s so satisfying is building up a supportive cast of actors and watching them watch the show come together.”

The culmination of this amazing show could have only been possible with the efforts of the talented costume designer, set builder, and light and sound directors, in addition to the endeavors of The Little Mermaid’s musical and primary directors.

Some of the outstanding performances of the show were that of the portrayal of Sebastian the crab by Rose Bicas-Dolgen ‘23 and Scuttle by Eden Hirsch ‘23. They brought their vibrant characters to life, evoking laughter in the audience throughout the duration of the production.

Overall, everything from the talent of the young actors, the direction by Mr. Raff and Ms. Shapiro, and the beautiful scenery that gave life to this story onstage were impeccable. I know that many, including myself, are excited to see the future of Middle School productions.