Advice Column #2

Advice Column #2

Michaela Baxter
Staff Writer

Welcome back to the second addition of
The Roar advice column! This time we will respond to questions about extracurriculars, college, and reflections on high school decisions.


Question: As a junior, what do you think are important ways to get involved relating to the college admissions process?

Answer: It is important to focus on activities that you’re interested in; you should not participate in activities simply because you believe schools will be impressed. Focusing on a handful of activities that you’re passionate about and pursuing them for a considerable portion of your high school career is best. I’ve been writing poetry and submitting pieces for publishing and competitions for a couple years. I am involved with creative writing, the literary magazine, combating human rights issues through philanthropic work. I’ve stuck with these few activities that I really enjoy and that has really enhanced my high school career.

Question: What is something you would have done differently in high school?

Answer: I wish that I had realized that high school passes by in a blur. When I was a freshman, I felt like the next four years would stretch on for an eternity. Now two and a half years have come and gone, and I see that my time at Milken is fleeting. I wish that I had known to slow down, talk to as many people as possible, and try to be less afraid of speaking out. While it is important to work hard, it is also a transitional period where you’re meant to be social and discover what you love to do. You’re meant to grow into yourself as a person and to try new things. I wish that I saw school more as an opportunity to learn about myself than as an obstacle I needed to navigate to move onto a “career path.”

Question: What’s something you do that helped you through school that you’ll continue doing later in life?

Answer: I really got into developing my organizational skills about halfway through sophomore year, and this is definitely a tool that I’ll keep with me through college and my career. I’m still struggling to master it completely, but my honing in on time management skills and curbing procrastination have definitely improved since freshman year. I’ve learned that being organized and getting work done as soon as possible can make or break a grade and are generally really valuable habits to develop.