Town meeting turns into senior domination

Seniors get ready to rumble at the Town Meeting on Friday, December 3. Photo by Samantha Simon.

Matthew Novian

Editor in Chief

In what seemed like a scene out of Hasmonean Judea, Milken’s senior class united as one and exemplified spirit, Hannukah-esque nationalism, and most of all, fraternité at town meeting on Friday, December 3. The meeting was inundated with cacophonous, yet spirited chants: “MAX-I-MUS” as well as various Hannukah songs. United in their finest blue, the seniors made a spectacle at the meeting by running down the bleachers onto the basketball court in what was an organized reenactment of the Maccabean protest against the Romans.

Senior class vice president Adam Dehrey ’11, took part in the riotous event.

“Friday was very entertaining partially because it was organized chaos and very spirited. The senior guys decided to come together in the spirit of Hannukah and did something different with the town meeting to make it fun. It was very successful,” Dehrey said.

The camaraderie did not stop at the town meeting. The seniors carried student body president Jacob Schatz ’11, out of the gym and ran towards the amphitheatre for the annual donut eating competition. There, Max Offsay ’11, the three time defending donut eating champion was received by fellow classmates as they kneeled before him and lifted him towards the podium for his attempt at a four-peat. In an effortless fashion, Offsay won the competition. He boldly concluded his legacy by eating his fourth and final donut in one bite (see video below). The seniors rushed the podium and placed a ring, made of tin foil, on the champion’s finger.[youtube][/youtube]

Following the competition, Offsay reflected on the vital nature of his victory.

“I was afraid that if I lost, I would be the shame of our class. I feared letting my entire grade down after all the effort they put in while shouting my name during town meeting… I would never show my face again, perhaps not even attend graduation,” Offsay said.

The seniors may have left Friday feeling accomplished and victorious, but color games are yet to begin. Friday served only as a precursor for what seems to unfold as a dynamic and energetic week.

Senior Spirit
Photo courtesy of Talia Myers.