Junior class embarks on Shabbaton

Rachel Kaye

Staff Writer

Shabbaton 1
From left to right: Elan Dassa '12, Ariella Kattler Kupetz '12, Lior Tal '12, Aaron Daniel '12. Photo by Leigh Jacobson.

On November 6, the junior class embarked on an adventurous Shabbaton at Camp Hess Kramer.

The excursion addressed the interaction between the students’ various identities – specifically their Jewish and American identities.

The faculty planned activities that allowed students to enjoy Shabbat in their own, personal way and also come together as a community to experience Shabbat.

“The goal of a Shabbaton is to build community; to give the kids a chance to experience Shabbat together, to celebrate Shabbat as a class together, and to not worry about school,” Mr. Max Alexander, history teacher, who collaborated in planning the Shabbaton, said.

Some of the activities the juniors participated in were challah baking and games like Sumo Kiss and Assassin.

Shabbaton 2
From left to right: Leigh Evans '12, Sara Tabibzadeh '12, Lauren Kashefi '12, Kenzie Kaplan '12. Photo by Leigh Jacobson.

On Friday night a Kabbalat Shabbat service was held on the beach. Additionally, there were different choices in spiritual practices available for the Saturday morning minyans.

Overall, the Shabbaton served as a rewarding bonding experience for the junior class.

“The Shabbaton really allowed our grade to bond in a relaxing and chill setting. It was fun to just hang out without the stresses of school”, Rachel Kattler Kupetz ’12 said.