Kelly Malka ’11: Co-Spotlight Artist

Sage Miller

Staff Writer

Kelly Malka Artwork

“I have been doing art ever since I can remember,” Kelly Malka ’11, one of November’s co-Spotlight Artists, said. “My family is all in the creative field: clothing, shoes, painting, and sculpture, so it was basically inevitable that I have grown to love art and have manifested into the person I am today.”

Malka, who has previously taken Milken art classes such as Drawing I, Drawing II, Fine Arts Studio, and Mixed Media, and is currently enrolled in her second year of AP Art Studio, is also enrolled in a class at the Brentwood Art Center.

“I have been taking figure drawing classes at the Brentwood Art Center for 2 years now–and absolutely love it!” Malka said. “It is extremely challenging, but I feel like that’s what makes me so drawn to the course.”

The Milken senior, who has applied to all art colleges and hopes to pursue art for the rest of her life, also has one specific and very engrossing concentration in her artwork: hair.

“Hair drew me in because of its unique movement, texture and shape. We encounter hair everyday, and sometimes we do not even notice the beautiful shapes it creates when its under certain conditions,” Malka said. “It is always very exciting to work with a subject that applies to many parts of life, which is how I feel my concentration has progressed to be.”

Art has affected Malka beyond her canvas, as well. Wherever she goes, Malka carries the influence of her art with her.

“Art is my life, as cheesy as that sounds,” Malka said. “It has defined me as a person ever since I could remember, and it will continue to define me for the rest of my life.”

Kelly Malka Artwork 2