Which NFL team should come to LA?

Jake Davidson

Managing Editor

So why don’t we have an NFL football team in LA yet? It seems that every year some LA businessman talks about bringing an NFL team to Los Angeles, but up to this point, this promise has not been fulfilled. If the newest group, either AEG or Ed Roski and Co. can bring a team to LA, then a gaping hole in the LA sports scene would be filled.

Just take this statement in for a moment. The second largest media market in the United States does not have its own NFL team. Come on, this isn’t Wyoming.

Personally, I would love a team in Los Angeles. Right now the only football team I root for is the Retroactively Ineligibles (My fantasy team).

We LA fans are accustomed to winning (well, those who watch basketball and stay away from baseball) so not any team will suffice. What is the right team for LA? Let’s go through the most likely candidates, three of which have been in LA before.

First, we have the Los Angeles Bills. I don’t see that happening; we want a true NFL team here, not a squad better suited for an academic decathlon. (Their quarterback is a Harvard graduate.)

The next choice would be the Los Angeles Jaguars. That would be a good choice if Wayne Weaver, the Jaguars owner, either sells the team, or parts with some money. Currently, he has signed as many big name free agents as the Clippers have won championships. FYI, both are a big fat zero.

How about the Los Angeles Raiders? That won’t happen in Al Davis’s lifetime, and, since his mom lived to 94, I don’t see the Raiders moving here anytime soon.

Well, that leaves the Rams and Chargers, but the Rams are in the process of being bought by Stan Kroenke, who has no interest in moving his team to LA.

So I think LA would be incredibly lucky to land the Chargers. They fit all the criteria for an LA sports team. What is that criteria?

1)   Fiery team leader

Yes Phillip Rivers is polarizing and yes he is annoying but at the same time Phillip Rivers is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and the word around the league is that he is one of the best teammates as well. So who cares if every other fan in the league hates his guts? You hear the same thing from all Charger fans: Phillip Rivers is the man. He is uber competitive and a guy I would want leading my team. (Full disclosure, he does lead my fantasy team, currently sitting in first place).

2)   Good management

AJ Smith, the Chargers’ general manager, is a superb judge of talent. In his time with the Chargers, he has drafted Drew Brees, Ladainian tomlinson, Shawne Merriman, and Phillip Rivers (all pro bowlers). The Spanos family, who are the current owners, spend freely, and sooner or later that combination wins championships (an example being the Lakers).

3)   Perennial Playoff Contenders

It’s the same story every year: the Chargers end up in the playoffs after a slow start. They have repeated as Division Champs for 4 straight years. At the end of the day, LA fans are fickle, and if a team is winning, they will give support. So if the Chargers continue to win, which seems to be the case for the foreseeable future , then they are the perfect fit for LA.

Come on AEG, bring the Bolts home!