A Clippers curse?

Rebecca Ahdoot

Staff Writer

Clippers Logo

When we think of a Los Angeles basketball team, it is no surprise that our minds immediately think of the Lakers. The back-to-back champions are known as glorious, the team Los Angeles takes pride in. But what about Los Angeles’ other team, the Clippers?

This year, the Clippers are currently ranked last place in the NBA, with a record of 2-13. Some say this proves there actually is a “Clippers Curse.”

Early on in the season, the Clippers lost two of their veteran starters, forcing them to play their younger, less experienced players. This is surely the youngest starting lineup in NBA history. Not only are the players new, but the entire coaching staff has been changed, led by Vinny Del Negro.

The “curse” was at its peek last season when it was announced that the first round pick of the 2009 draft, Blake Griffin, would not be able to play in the season due to an extreme knee injury. The hopes of Clipper fans were lost, but not diminished, as they waited and assured themselves, “Next year”.

Fans anticipated the 2010 Clippers to be one of the teams excelling into the playoffs for the first time in many years, due to their new coaching staff and top players, Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon. Both averaging about 20 points per game, they are the players keeping the crowd on their feet.

During a recent game against Amare Stoudmire and the New York Knicks, Blake Griffin had a career high 44 points, 15 rebounds, and seven assists, along with his “Dunk-a-thon”. Blake’s big night set a new Clipper franchise rookie record.

On November 22, the Clippers defeated the current best team in the league, the New Orleans Hornets (11-2). Toughing it out to the last seconds of the game, the Clippers finally broke their losing streak, which had been running since November 8.

So, how does the worst team in the NBA beat the team with the best record?

“We just kept going in the third quarter,” said Griffin in his on-court TV interview, while also crediting the younger players on the team.

Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin are leading the Clippers this year, Griffin leading all rookies in scoring (18.9) and rebounding (11.0). This years Clippers are a new developing team, fighting to the finish.

Talks about nationalism arise when someone living in Los Angeles speaks against the Lakers, but where is the nationalism advocating when it comes to the Clippers?