Alumni return for Thanksgiving reunion

Gabe Freeman

Staff Writer

For Milken students, Thanksgiving is a time to feast on turkey and get away from school for a few days.  For the Milken alumni, Thanksgiving is a time to come back to school.

Wednesday, November 24, was the annual Thanksgiving Alumni reunion.

Ms. Samantha Robbins, alumni director, was thrilled with the turnout of about 150 kids.   She was able to contact all the students at college, scattered across the country, using a wide variety of communications.  She sent out emails, newsletters, a Facebook invite, phone calls, and even tweeted.

“I really love this event.  The kids love to see each other and talk to old teachers.  They eat, they hug, they shmooze, and it’s a good time,” Robbins says.

The atmosphere was fun with music, food, and balloons welcoming the kids back.

This year was also special for Robbins as it is only her second year running the program.

“Last year was my first year as director and I was excited to see the students return to Milken.  I feel like I really got to know some of them and it was nice seeing how they have grown.”

The Alumni certainly love returning to Milken as it will always remain a second home for them.  Talia Bender, a 2010 Milken graduate said, “It was so amazing seeing everyone.  It was as if we were just at Milken yesterday and I realized how much I love and missed everyone!”


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