Baby boom at Milken

Leigh Jacobson

Spotlight Editor

For those of you feeling overwhelmed by the number of Milken faculty seeming to be constantly giving birth, fear not! Here’s your guide to your teachers’ newborn babies, courtesy of The Roar.

Reid Bentley Lindsay

Reid Bentley Lindsay

The latest addition to the Milken baby brood, Reid is the son of Latin and Model U.N teacher Mr. Beau Lindsay and his wife Mary. Reid was born at Cedars-Sinai hospital weighing seven pounds, eight ounces, and 21 inches.

Lindsay got the call during his Latin 1 class, and had to leave school early to rush his wife to the hospital.

The baby, born early, has already experienced some drama: after he was born, father Lindsay accidentally set off the baby lowjack alarm at the hospital: “We were waiting to be transferred from the labor room to the postpartum room.  In front of the nursery, there is a huge stop sign that says DO NOT CROSS WITH BABIES because it will set off an alarm,” says Lindsay. “So we’re walking over it, and right as I cross it with Reid, I think, wait, did they turn his low-jack off, and bam, the loudest alarm I have ever heard, which in turns puts all of CS on lock down and sends security guards running.  We’re all freaking out, and I look down and I see that Reid is perfectly sleeping through it…  Completely unaware.  But on that day, Reid locked down an entire hospital!”

About being a dad, Lindsay says: “Everyone knows it’s the happiest day of your life, but I didn’t know it would be the craziest and most surreal”.

Emmett Deane Frangipane Graham

Emmett Deane Frangipane Graham
Emmett Deane Frangipane Graham

A new addition to the Milken community is Emmett Deane Frangipane Graham. Son of Ms. Amy Frangipane, ninth-grade English teacher and former Journalism advisor, he was born at Cedars-Sinai hospital on September 18, 2010- on Yom Kippur! According to Frangipane, her doctor left holiday services to deliver the baby.

“He changed out of his suit and into his scrubs and then back into his suit hours later to go break the fast,” she says.

At birth, Emmett measured 22 inches long and a whopping nine pounds, six ounces.

Frangipane says that she and her husband Sean Graham did not know the gender of the baby until he was born.

“We had a couple of names chosen for each gender, but we felt that we needed to see the baby to decide his or her name,” she says. “When we looked at Emmett shortly after he was born, we just knew that he needed to be called Emmett.  We feel it is a strong name and a bit different – you do not hear it every day.”

She adds that his unique middle name was selected to honor her husband’s grandfather, Deane “Boots” Graham, who passed away when her husband was a teenager.

“Emmett makes the cutest little faces,” says Frangipane. “I (literally) could stare at him all day. “He is a very sweet baby, whose individual personality is becoming very apparent. We are so in love with him.”

Eloise Bea Hawley

Eloise Bea Hawley, daughter of Ms. Gabrielle McHale, director of admissions, was born on June 2nd at 11:31 pm at Cedars Sinai hospital.

Eloise Bea Hawley
Eloise Bea Hawley

The blond beauty has met many Milken teachers, students and parents already and, according to mother McHale, “is looking forward to meeting even more each time she visits school.” One of her Milken playdates? Emmett, son of Ms. Frangipane!

“Eloise has already had a playdate with Emmett,” says McHale. “She can’t wait to hang out with the other Milken newborns!”

Shayda Scoville

Daughter of not one but two Milken teachers, Shayda Scoville was born seven pounds, zero ounces, and 19.5 inches long on November 11.

According to father Dr. Damon Scoville, Chemistry teacher, “Fatherhood means having less time for hobbies, but still enjoying yourself with the kid.”

Shayda Scoville
Shayda Scoville

As far as personality traits, “Shayda has been really mellow. She only cries when she is getting changed or when she’s hungry. Otherwise she’s quiet.”

Scoville adds that he can’t keep his eyes off her.

“She has beautiful big eyes. I have to constantly stop myself from worrying about every little thing about her.”

Baby Scoville, daughter of Dr. Scoville and Ms. Sheila Scoville, middle school Science teacher, is adored not only by her parents but by Dr. Scoville’s advisory as well.

“We’re obsessed with her,” says Ethan Kraft ’12, a Scoville advisee. “She’s Rachel Chistyakov’s phone wallpaper.” Additionally, Emily Zakowski ’12 considers herself the child’s godmother.

The advisory also claims that Shayda was named after Shaina Sarafian ’12, another Scoville advisee.

“We did not name her after Shaina, contrary to my advisory’s beliefs,” says Scoville.

Nathan Timothy Fauber

Ms. Leigh Fauber, CPC and Science Research teacher, gave birth to a son on October 28 at 4:53 p.m. He weighed seven pounds, thirteen ounces at birth, and is 20.5 inches long with lots of blonde hair.

“I delivered a sweet baby boy, Nathan Timothy Fauber,” says the new mom.

Nathan Timothy Fauber
Nathan Timothy Fauber

Fauber was originally due on October 21, a school day– a day that she had actually scheduled as a test day for her CPC class. If this would have been the case, Fauber says she was covered, having been offered to be driven to the hospital by Lucas Fisher ’11.

“He said it would be great for his college essay,” she says.

Fauber misses many aspects of Milken while on maternity leave, most notably her Fantasy Football league.

“I’m sure they’re all really excited that I’m gone, because I was kicking their butts,” she says.

All in all, Fauber is most happy that Nathan is older than Shayda Scoville.

“Before they were born, I was concerned with who would come out first, because I wanted my baby to beat Scoville’s,” she says. “But my baby’s older, which means my baby’s the boss”.

…And more to come

Dr. Sarah Shulkind, middle school principal, is due on January 1- with twin girls!

“Twins run in my family, but I was still surprised when I learned that I was having twins,” says Shulkind. “I am so excited that my daughter Lucy will have sisters!”