Scapin! Debuts Sunday, November 21

Physical comedy and Italian accents highlight the Performing Arts department’s upcoming comedic production, Scapin, which debuts this Sunday, November 21 at the Robert Margolis Performing Arts Center.

Intensity: Barton Richman '12 and Yoni Steinschriber '12 rehearse before their upcoming performances of Scapin. Photo by Olivia Hitchcock.

“It’s been fun because I use words like allora (now then) and buonasera signore e signori (good evening ladies and gentlemen),” Naomi Harris ’11, who plays the organist and conductor of the show, said. “You can be much more flamboyant with words in your Italian accent than in your boring old American accent.”

A central component of this production are the opportunities for improvisation by the actors. To cater to the Milken audience, Mr. Robert Menna, director of the show and performing arts teacher, says the actors will “poke fun” at love, parenthood, and egocentrism during these interims.

Benny Pitt ’14, who plays Sylvestre, Scapin’s sidekick, says the most challenging component of the production was learning physical comedy techniques. Both Pitt and Harris suggest that the characters have genuinely embraced the absurd humor in this show. Pitt reflected on his vulnerability as an actor in a show that tests the comedic skills of the cast.

“There’s no such thing as dignity,” he said. “It’s gone already as soon as you get on the stage. You’re just putting yourself out there. You just have to be willing to be ridiculous.”

Menna says the production will prove an entertaining experience for the audience members as soon as they enter the theater. Before the show, the actors will engage the audience in a circus-like spectacle that embraces the spirit of Commedia.

Students can expect a dazzling performance by the peforming arts department’s 17-student acting ensemble, 10-person technical crew, student choreographer, and host of designers. The play will run Sunday, November 21 at 4:00pm, Monday, November 22 at 7:00pm, and Tuesday, November 23 at 7:00pm. Tickets must be purchased online at: