Sofia Davis ’11: Co-Spotlight Artist

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The major artistic talent of Sofia Davis ’11, co-Spotlight artist for October, is currently on display at the Smith Family Library.

Through art camps as a child and intense hour-long art classes outside of school, Davis has artistically presented herself through drawing. Her main concentration is portraiture; drawing people in various types of movement is her favorite subject.

“Sofia posses a wonderful freedom in her line quality and the way she uses color,” Ms. Dori Kulwin, visual arts department chair, said. “The love she has for art is truly evident through her focus and seriousness; for her, it’s not just about the credit. I have seen her come a long way during her experiences in high school art as she has grown to become a very gifted artist.”

Davis derives inspiration from family members, people she observes, and photos of people from magazine. Her preferred medium is colored pencil, which she utilizes often in her masterfully and meticulously drawn artwork.

“A big component of my art is color,” Davis said. “One time, in middle school, we had to draw self portraits, and of course mine was full of dramatic color. My friend told me that it looked as if a rainbow had thrown up on my paper, but in a good way.”

The talented senior plans to take art in college. Although she is not yet sure if she would like to major in the subject, she will undoubtedly keep producing art throughout her life.

“We really liked the detailed facial expressions and colors,” Carly Nach ’14 and Elianna Wasserman ’14 said. “Her portraits were very realistic, but at the same time they were so interpretive.”

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Artist at work: Sofia Davis presents her artwork to an enthralled crowd. Photo by Karen Nisimov.