Club program revitalized

Alison Rollman

Staff Writer

The clubs program at Milken is currently in the midst of a dramatic face-lift, courtesy of Mr. Raup, Mathematics teacher, Rabbi Heather Miller, Dean of Student Life, and passionate student leaders. One of the primary changes is the induction of a community service requirement for all Milken clubs.

“This social action aspect is what makes a club a Milken club and really shows our character. We can do fun things anytime, but if it’s a Milken club we always want to be thinking of others and doing something for them. It can be as small as one bake sale or the entire founding principle of a club,” Miller said.

This change is made possible in part by the creation of “Fun-raising Fridays” in which a different club each Friday will set up tables in the amphitheater during lunch to raise awareness and funds for their cause.

In the past, Milken‘s clubs met once a week during Kehillah. Now, students who wish to partake in clubs must meet primarily during Lishma. Since this meeting time regularly conflicts with students who participate in sports, Miller encourages clubs to hold additional meetings during lunch.

Prior to this year, students have enjoyed a “club fair” near the start of the school year, where they browsed different tables staffed by active club members. This way all students, especially incoming ninth graders and new students, were able to see all of the clubs available and ask questions before joining a particular group.  The club fair was used as an excellent way to keep the student body informed about Milken’s clubs.

According to club organizers, the club fair will be slightly different this year, with its date yet to be announced.

“We have not yet finalized the club fair’s purpose. It will probably be some combination of showcasing and celebrating what clubs have accomplished and giving the clubs an opportunity to recruit new members,” Raup said.

Despite these seemingly concrete changes, the main change in Milken’s clubs process this year is students’ and the faculty’s desire to focus on a cause.

“Clubs are different this year because we are really focusing in on them with more thought and awareness. Clubs at Milken are now more intent on worthy purposes, and as a result we are achieving great things,” Miller said.