Club Fair 2018


Sarah Pretsky
Staff Writer

Milken’s annual club fair is an excellent way for students to discover new ways to get involved in the Milken community. This year, 41 clubs were represented at the fair, ranging from artistic, political and activist categories. On Friday, October 5th, students and faculty gathered in the amphitheatre to peruse the club tables.

Club leaders were excited to share their passions with their peers and find people with similar interests. Lindsey Rosenfeld ‘20, co-leader of the Live Positive club, commented on the year to come and is  “super excited to be a leader for the second year in a row. My club gives me the opportunity to share my passions with others and benefit the community by increasing people’s well being.” The Live Positive club brings aspects of Milken’s most popular course, Positive Psychology, out to the greater community and integrates positivity in our everyday lives. Another exciting club is CyberPatriots. The club leader, Zachary Mokhtarzadeh ‘19, commented, “Our club is about cyber security and we compete nationally to defend computers and keep them secure.”

“My favorite time of year is October because of club fair!” says Blake Asherian, ‘19. As of now students’ lunchtimes and school days will be filled to the brim with meetings and events that they are passionate about pursuing to take a break from the hard work of school.

Navigating your way through club fair may have been be overwhelming with the numerous possibilities. Below is a list of 2018-2019 clubs alphabetically organized to help find clubs that inspire them this coming year.

Student Clubs 2018-19

Academic Decathlon Sam Renard & Aaron Kermani Mr. Greenberg
Anime Club Amitai Segev, Dylan Sands, Liam Sherman, & Zachary Mokhtarzadeh Rabbi David
Aspiring Architects United (AAU) Alexis Golbahar & Adam Harris Ms. Sokolow
Chess Club Michael Bochkur-Dratver, Avi Rosenfeld, Ethan Shenassa, & Max Froch Mr. Gary Shapiro & Rabbi Scheindlin
Controversial Conversations Alexandra Rahimi & Lauren Shayefar Ms. Kessel
Creative Writing Club Abi Yadegar, Robert Carlson, & Sam Frohlich Mr. Moran
CyberPatriots Megan Kohanarieh, Zachary Mokhtarzadeh, & Alex Swerdlow Mr. Martinez
Debate Club Alexandra Orbuch Ms. Guth
Environmental Club Nicole Sussman Ms. Kim
Estrogenius: Female Empowerment Club Abi Yadegar & Sam Frohlich Mr. Gibert
Fantasy Basketball Club Jake Damico Mr. Painter
Fashion Club Sabrina Abselet Ms. Giladi
Fighting Hunger & Homelessness – LA (FHH-LA) Nicholas Khalili & Matthew Makabeh Dr. Shenassa
Foreign Film Club Sophia Kangavari Mr. McAdamis
French Club Savannah Dardashti & Natalie Geiderman Ms. Ulmer
Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Talia Rubinstein & Ben Bakhaj Ms. Kim & Mr. Wiesinger
Girls Learn International (GLI) Claudia Johnson-Stone & Dylan Seidel Ms. Miller
Global Beit Midrash Mr. Meyerson
HeartBEATS Alexis Shapiro, Hannah Fitterman, & Alexandra Namvar Ms. Krems
Israel Club Nicole Bardi & Priel Nikoo Mr. Meyerson
JLife (Jewish Life Board) Dani Kashfian & Talia Meisel Rabbi David
Junior State of America (JSA) Joey Rabenik, Alexandra Orbuch, Gigi Weisberg, Julia Simon Mr. Gibert
L’Dough V’Dough (baking challah with Holocaust survivors) Emily Farshi, Lauren Farshi, & Parsa Mokhtar Ms. Miller
Live Positive Club Rachel Leff & Lindsey Rosenfeld Dr. Holton
Milken Honeys (Women’s Barbershop Club) Gabby Melton & Abi Yadegar Ms. Shapiro
Milken Investment Leadership Club (MILC) Joey Sarvian, Aaron Cohen, & Adam Kingsley Mr. Moran
Milken Men’s Barbershop Club Wolfie Hutton & Shane Brunswick Ms. Shapiro
Milken Student Radio Sophie Kaplan & Gabe Cohen Mr. Greenberg
Mock Trial Alexandra Orbuch Mr. Gibert
Model United Nations Mr. Gibert
National Arts Honor Society Charlene Malekmehr Ms. Mortimer
Performing Arts for Seniors Jordan Feldman Dr. Brown
Robotics Club Mr. Stephan Shapiro
Sketch Comedy Club Ms. Figoten
Song Interpretation & Poetry Natalie Tabibian & Kayla Nickfarjam Mr. Bitto
Stand Up to Cancer Club Ashton Asherian & Brittney Moalemzadeh Mr. Rayhan &

Dr. Scoville

Surf Club Andrew Turquie Mr. Painter
Talk Project Lily Spar, Eliana Robin, & Natalya Krekorian Ms. Kessel
Web Design & Development Club Shane Brunswick Rabbi David
Woodworking Club Ms. Orlik
Young America’s Foundation Joey Sarvian, Max Smith, Josh Lalezarian, Jonny Nourafshan, & Aaron Yazdi Coach Steenport