Milken’s New Fireproof Bubble


Mira Berenbaum


When fires struck the Milken community this past December, the administration became very frustrated that they needed to cancel four days of school. Determined to make sure this never happens again, the administration has taken steps to prevent any further danger or potential school closures. Over the summer, the construction team will be designing a fire-proof bubble to keep Milken safe forever.

A committee has been working hard to come up with a solution, and they felt like this was the best decision. The committee consists of students, parents, and members of faculty, and the bubble will span all across campus to the west lot.

Teachers are very excited about this change, as they will not have any fear of classes being suddenly canceled. Some students, on the other hand, are upset as they greatly enjoyed the four day break.

Additionally, a second bubble will be built around the Guerin Institute to keep it extremely safe. The Guerin faced potential damage earlier this year when a water pipe burst. Although this was not due to fires, the committee wanted to take extra precautions to keep Guerin safe.

The bubble will also help with increased security measures as students will have to scan their ID’s to enter and exit the bubble.

This bubble will help protect against fires, and overall, help Milken function more smoothly, as after all, the ultimate goal is to make Milken the best it can be.