Milken Family Day 2018: The Interviews (Video)


Noah Cohen and Jordan Pardo
Editor-in-Chief and Staff Writer

On Friday January 6th, Milken hosted its first ever Family Day. Teachers were able to bring their kids ages 12 and under to school. The parents brought their children to classes to interact with the students. At 2.0neg, teachers were able to bring their students into the theater and play with their kids. Students built legos, played board games, and talked with the kids. Student Government Members Noah Cohen ’18, Josh Afshani ’18 and Brittany Moalemzadeh ’17 handed out ice cream to the kids. After the teachers left their kids at the pop-up day-care Milken made, The Roar sat down with some of the kids for a little interview.

Afshani said, “The kids were cute, talking to them was fun, and I think that we should do this again.” Mrs. Julee Madkins said, “I enjoyed meeting the other teachers kids and the energy throughout the day was the best I have seen this year.”