The Extended Milken Family


Rachel Leff

Staff Writer 

This Friday, January 5, Milken is hosting its first ever Family Day, where faculty and staff have the opportunity to bring their children or grandchildren to school. Dr. Nick Holton’s intention in spearheading this day is to give faculty members the opportunity to introduce their beloved family members to the rest of the Milken community. Holton adds that whenever faculty’s kids come to school, the students seem to be “incredibly warm, welcoming.” Family Day is also a great way for faculty members to show off what they do for the Milken community to their children. In addition, because most public schools are still closed for winter break, faculty members get to spend time with their children before they go back to school.

Dr. Holton explains that there will be special activities for the children, as well as lots of food to eat throughout the day. During each block, teachers have volunteered to help create fun and engaging activities for the children to participate in. Some highlights include Ms. Bonnie Ebner’s photography workshop, as well as Coach Mike Whiting’s game of Simon Says. Other examples of activities include dance parties, lego building, and children’s book reading and animal balloons. Not only have many teachers volunteered to help with Family Day, but so have many students. Many seniors have sacrificed their free periods in order to help out with the children in the daycare room.

The goal of Family Day is to become an annual event that not only allows faculty members to show what they are most proud of, their children, but to be another event that is fun spirited, and a unique occasion that isn’t like all other school days.