QUIZ: Which tiyul is right for you?


Jared Hasen-Klein and Emily Vanek

Webmaster and Staff Writer

Tiyulim Week is one of the most exciting, highly anticipated times of the school year. An experiential educational week for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, Tiyulim Week offers a diverse variety of trip options in mid-April. Freshmen attend a camping trip to Santa Cruz island, while sophomores and juniors pick their top three choices from the 14 trip options. All sophomores and juniors can sign up for whichever trips they desire, but no student is guaranteed their first choice. Most students, however, are guaranteed one of their top three choices. The forms were released today (Friday, November 3) and are due on Thursday (November 9). The signup process is not first come first served, meaning that each student should spend time discussing which tiyul is best for them with their parents.

The Roar wants to help diminish the stress of deciding which trip is right for your individual interests and comfort, so below is a short quiz that may help you determine which tiyulim are right for you.

For more information on each trip, there is an online brochure on the Experiential Learning page of the Resource Board on myMilken and it is also available below the quiz.

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