Guide to The Club Fair

Guide to The Club Fair

Emily Vanek

Staff Writer

Every year, new opportunities arise for students to join clubs and fill their extra time with something they are passionate about. There are many clubs at Milken that are well known and will be around for many years to come, and there are also some new clubs that will be put to the test this year to see if they can attract students. At this year’s annual Club Fair on Tuesday, September 29, over 40 student-led clubs will showcase and advertise their clubs to the entire student body. Only time will tell which clubs make it to the finish line and return for next year’s Club Fair.

Emily Farshi ‘19, one of the leaders of the L’Dough V’Dough club was candid when saying, “Reach out to the freshmen the most at the fair, maybe even bribe them with candy!” Farshi’s advice for starting a club is to have a good number of freshmen join so that they can keep the club running for future generations. Also, she claims that in order for a club to be successful, it needs to consistently meet and have members that are committed to being active both inside and outside of campus.

Many students sign up for clubs thinking they will not require much of a commitment, but when they need to attend a club meeting, they do not show up for numerous reasons including either being swamped with a lot of school work or wanting to use their free time to socialize with their peers. Both are not bad excuses, but when a student signs up for a club and then flakes, it also becomes an inconvenience for the club leaders. Know that signing up for a club is a commitment and most student-led clubs are subject to meet at least twice a month.

It can be difficult for one to navigate their way through the fair, not knowing their options or what they are interested in going into it. It is important for students to be familiar with the club options ahead of time so that they can easily steer their way through the fair knowing exactly what they want to sign up for.

Below is a list of the 2017-2018 student-led clubs written under common categories to help students better identify what they are interested in.

2017-2018 Club Fair Guide

Club Category Club Name Student Leaders Faculty Advisors
Academic Academic Decathlon Club Samantha Renard

& Caitlyn Dienstag

Dr. Brown
Academic American Mathematics Club Logan Shalit

& Natalie Stone

Mrs. Valladares
Academic Book Club N/A Ms. LaPolt
Academic Junior State of America Club (JSA) Izzy Williams Mr. Bloom
Academic Milken Mentors Club Izzy Williams Mr. McAdamis
Academic Mock Trial Club Alexandra Orbuch Mr. Bloom
Academic Speech and Debate Club Aidan Shev

& Natasha Shapiro

Ms. Guth
Social Advocacy Dec My Room Club Kiana Dadbin N/A
Social Advocacy Environmental Club Abby Thurmond

& Nicole Sussman

Mr. Kates
Social Advocacy Gay Straight Alliance Club (GSA) Logan Shalit

& Talia Rubinstein

Ms. LaPolt

& Mrs. Kim

Social Advocacy Girls Learn International Club (GLI) Abby Thurmond, Clara Pitt, & Isa Zweiback Mrs. Miller
Social Advocacy Homeless Not Heartless Club Julia Neman

& Leeor Abutbul

Mr. Gallway
Social Advocacy Stand up 2 Cancer Club Ashton Asherian

& Brittney Moalemzadeh

Mr. Rayhan
Social Advocacy L’Dough V’Dough Lauren Farshi, Mira Berenbaum, Emily Farshi, & Parsa Mokhtar Mrs. Jasper
Language American Sign Language Club Jillian Stern Coach Walters
Language French Club Josh Afshani Mr. Steele
Language Spanish Club Lauren Moghimi

& Gabriella Morovati

Mrs. Kopelioff
Language Italian Please Club Gabriele Moretti Mrs. Frangipane
Technology Cyber Patriots Club Zachary Mokhtarzadeh, Megan Kohanarieh, Michelle Nour-Omid, & Alexander Swerdlow Mr. Martinez
Technology Robotics Club N/A Mr. Stephan Shapiro
Judaism Global Beit Midrash Club N/A Mr. Meyerson & Rabbi B-K
Judaism JLife Club Avi B-K & Hannah Lande Rabbi David
Judaism Israel Club N/A Rabbi Weiss
Health & Wellness Bring Change to Mind Club Sydney Schroeder Mrs. Fisch
Health & Wellness Live Positive Club Lindsey Rosenfeld

& Rachel Leff

Ms. Kessel
Health & Wellness Social Club Juliette Kashani

& Hannah Rubin

Mrs. Liran
Health & Wellness Students United Audrey Pakravan Mr. Greenberg
Health & Wellness Teens Helping Teens Alexa Pakravan Mr. Greenberg
Miscellaneous Alternate Universe Club Emma Klein Ms. LaPolt
Miscellaneous Milken Barber Shop Club Wolfie Hutton

& Shane Brunswick

Mrs. Shapiro
Miscellaneous Fantom Geeks Ryan Gold Mr. McAdamis
Miscellaneous Foam Roll Club Levy Pekler

& Jared Ellis

Coach Smadar
Miscellaneous KMSR Milken Student Radio Gabe Cohen

& Sophie Kaplan

Mr. Lindsay
Miscellaneous Mess with Chess Club Michael Bochkur-Dratver

& Jonah Lubow

Mr. Gary Shapiro

& Rabbi Scheindlin

Miscellaneous Miken Investment Leadership Club Adam Kingsley, Joey Sarvian, & Aaron Cohen Mr. Moran
Miscellaneous National Art Honor Society Club N/A Mr. Moran