The Volleyball Revolution


Sara Stolzenberg-Myers

Staff Writer

What used to be the Milken Amphitheater (also known as the Senior area), has now become the new hot spot for a quick and casual game of beach volleyball. Student Body President, Justin Leff ‘17, has recently made it his duty to convert our regular campus into a more exciting and inviting “pad.” Students no longer dread walking into school everyday because with Leff’s new area takeover, each designated grade area will be supplied with activities and games to keep freshmen through seniors engaged and active.

If all goes according to plan, the freshmen, sophomore, and junior areas will soon be equipped with smash ball, bowling, and yard pong, respectively. Along with the upgraded areas, a new hammock is set to appear in the zen garden within the next few months. Meanwhile, the underclassmen are anxiously waiting for their own activities to arrive based off of the positive feedback coming from the seniors. Michael Bolour ‘17 happily reported that since the volleyball net has arrived, a significant amount of bonding time has opened up to the class of 2017. During his free period, Bolour no longer feels drawn to his computer. Instead, he feels happy to participate in a game of volleyball with his peers. The net encourages him and fellow students to step aside from technology, and engage in a more active lifestyle.

As Leff wraps up his presidential term and final year at Milken, he continues to make his last efforts at making campus a more wholesome and beneficial environment for the students. When asked what the intentions behind the games and activities were, he replied, “I think it’s important to have a campus in which we do not only worry about academics, but a place in which we have opportunities to be outside, get some fresh air, and do something fun with friends.” Rather than encouraging the high-stress, high-pressure, competitive environment that many high schools have been burdened with, Leff wants to do just the opposite. With these casual, pleasant, and grade-bonding activities, he hopes to bring together the school and cultivate a relaxing and stress-free setting for all.