School Start Time Changed to 9:30am


by Justin Leff


Starting after Spring Break, students will be waking up later and getting to school at the new start time of 9:30am. This radical change comes after months of research, surveys, and studies on students and specifically, acknowledging the importance of sleep for their developing brains.

Time and time again, students have shown up to school as they are still trying to overcome the dreariness that comes with minimal sleep. Head of School, Gary Weisserman believes that the later start time will not only benefit students, but also the teachers. “Who doesn’t want an extra couple hours of sleep? And no teacher likes seeing their students struggling to stay awake during class,” he said.

The new change in start time will also have an effect on the school day’s end time. School will now end at 3:45pm instead of 2:30. The day will be 45 minutes shorter, and will be accompanied by the termination of the Kehillah period. “Everyday will feel like a Friday! That is ultimately the goal,” explained Weisserman. “Fridays are so very relaxing, and that’s the environment I want for Milken.”
Many students are thrilled with the new start time as they can now get more sleep and avoid the early morning traffic they have become accustomed to. So remember, don’t come to school at 7:30 on April 24th. Take advantage of the new start time at 9:30!