The End of the Milken Mart Burrito


Ari Swerdlow ‘17 outraged by the end of Milken Mart Breakfast Burritos.

Lauren Mokhtarzadeh
Wildlife Editor

The apocalypse has come. It is the end of an era – the era of the Milken Mart Breakfast Burrito.

The beloved Milken favorite snack, Vicki’s Breakfast Burrito, will no longer be available – effective the week of March 13th. Milken administration has decided to discontinue selling breakfast burritos as a repercussion for students being late to class due to waiting in line for the burritos.  

Milken Mart Manager, Leigh Orloff said, “Until students start getting to class on time, burritos will no longer be sold at Milken. It’s not up to the Milken Mart, but up to the Milken administration who has received multiple complaints from teachers.” Leigh did not seem too upset about this because of the mess the burritos create. When it’s burrito time, there is a huge mess left behind in the Milken Mart because of students not cleaning up their trash.

Mr. Gabriel Meyerson stated his concern about students coming late to his class by saying, “It’s frustrating for me when students either come twenty minutes late to my class because they were waiting in line for the burrito, or they leave in the middle of class to go buy a burrito. They should be in class! Burritos should happen after class, or during Kehillah.” Meyerson is just one of the many teachers who has shared their complaints about the burritos. Many teachers feel that students coming late to class is disrespectful because they have to reteach what that student missed and it disrupts the class.  

The big money-maker will be taking a break from entering both student and teacher bellies for a while until students consistently get to class on time, and it is up to the Milken administration to decide if the problem has improved over time. While this is an extreme disappointment for the Milken community, this is the punishment that the administration sees fit. Hopefully, we will be seeing the delicious and fulfilling Milken Mart breakfast burritos soon. We’ll miss you!