Tinder Donates to Milken: Gym Renamed


Noah Cohen

Community Editor

In the spirit of Tikkun Olam, the Jewish value of giving back to the world through acts of kindness, the CEO of the popular dating app Tinder has made a sizeable donation to his alma mater: Milken Community High School. The donation comes at a time where Milken is currently undergoing its historic renovation process. After The Guerin Institute of Higher Learning and Expensive Toys was opened this past Summer, the Milken Administration felt it fit to rejuvenate the gym of the now CIF Champions, the Milken Wildcats. Daniel Solomon ‘17, basketball team player and cousin of the creator of the popular dating app, says about the donation, “I think it’s great that Milken alumni are giving back to their school. I’m excited for our sports teams to finally be swiped right by our community.”

The official name of the gymnasium will be “The Tinder Gymnasium for Arts and Athletics.” In addition to the name change, the room is expected to be repainted with the popular flame icon of Tinder donning the walls. To make it even more Milken spirited, the students from The Guerin Institute will take part in printing the flame logos and attaching them to the walls of the gym. As part of the deal with Tinder, the new chants at all sporting events will be “Swipe Them Left!” and “Super Swipe the Wildcats!” The news has received all around positive reviews from students, and many are looking forward to representing the Wildcats in the new gym.

There are people, however, who have feelings against the name and decor change. Some find it inappropriate that an adult dating app will be contributing to a private high school. There is even talks of this being against the teachings of the Mishnah and Gemara. The Milken department of Rabbinics is considering adding warning signs outside of the gym to shield students from the “hedonist teachings of casual intimacy.” The counselor’s office will be open in the coming months for all students to discuss and voice their opinion of the drastic change to our community.
The gym is expected to finish renovations by Fall 2017.