Meet Tammy: Milken’s Ball of Sunshine


Lauren Cohen

Voices Editor

Tammy Shine ‘17 is widely known as the senior who bounces through the hallways, beaming with sunshine and doling out high fives like they are nothing. Beyond Tammy’s positive aura lies her incredibly formative and diverse involvement in the Milken Community. Over the past four years, she has been an integral member of honors and AP courses, Class Council, the volleyball and waterpolo teams, NHS, rigorous art courses, and the Righteous Conversations Project. She is described by her peers as “adventurous,” “insightful,” “empathetic,” “sincere,” and “brilliant.”

The Roar sat down with Tammy to gain a deeper insight into her fascinating personality.

What are you known for? What kind of Milken student are you?

Ehh.. I think I’m known for being weird and not caring about how I appear and what I look like when I’m doing things. I think people also know that I’m kinda nerdy, and that I care about learning.

Which Milken teacher is your spirit animal?

At the core of it, it’s probably Mr. Martin. It’s definitely Martin. It just feels weird to call him my spirit animal.

What is your happy place?

Either Crater Lake [in] Oregon, like jumping off the cliff into the 40 degree water that’s just so clear you see right to the bottom, or in the middle of the mountains in Michigan with my hammock, 20 feet in the air, swinging between trees and looking up and seeing the leaves over my head.

Which kitchen utensil would you be?

The Sprife – it’s a fork, spoon, and knife. Or egg beaters. Probably the sprife, though, that’s an essential one.

Celebrity crush?

Chris Pratt. 50 Cent. All you need to know.

What is your craziest memory at Milken?

When they brought The Landfill Harmonic and I played violin in front of the whole school and the guy was like ‘You don’t know how to follow instructions!’ and I was like, ‘I just don’t know how to play violin, I’m sorry.’

When’s your next concert?

It’s tonight and it’s Girlpool. Don’t know who that is, but it’s gonna be a blast.

If you could live forever how would you spend eternity?

Probably trying to have cultural exchange with every single culture and country in the world. Even each country has so many microcosms of cultures and if there’s a way to understand all of them, you can bring so much more understanding and compassion into the world.

If you could do any job in the world what would you do and why?

I’ve always wished in MASH that I would get ice cream scooper. I always thought that was such a nice job to have. Just imagine getting to scoop ice cream.

Which decade would you travel to?

If we’re referring to the 1900s, then the ‘60s because it was a very formative time in America’s consciousness and history. Being able to experience that, rather than through a history textbook, but in real life, would change my perspective in so many ways.

A penguin walks in right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

I just have so many questions. How do I answer a question when I have questions?

If you were 80 years old, what would you tell your children?

Work hard, play hard. That’s it.

Which Kardashian are you?

There’s this episode when the two little ones, what are their names? Kendall and Kylie! They convinced Caitlin [who was then still Bruce] to let them adopt the dogs, and I think I’m those dogs.