Milken Mart Munchies: Breakfast Burritos


Courtesy of Britt Jacobson

Britt Jacobson and Sophia Ghadoushi

Editor-in-Chief and Staff Writer

There are many characteristics that make Milken so… unique. Chief among these remains Vicki’s breakfast burrito in collaboration with the Milken Mart. Join The Roar as we go behind the scenes in “Triple M: Milken Mart Munchies.”

The beloved burrito is available for purchase from 7:30-8:30 AM and 9:00-9:30 AM. The different burrito options include regular, with hot dog or soyrizo. However, soyrizo isn’t available past 8:30 because the woman, the myth, the legend, Stephanie makes a fresh batch every morning. The burrito is perfect with a side of salsa and Cholula, especially if you mix the two together. Pro-tip: try to avoid a monster food coma by sharing with a friend. You can now also purchase a side of guacamole…because it’s LA where everything is eaten with avocados? Alternatively, you can request a burrito “bowl,” essentially the filling without the added calories of a tortilla.

These burritos have hit peak popularity in recent months. According to Leigh Orloff, the head of the Milken Mart, nearly 200 burritos are sold monthly. Last February, 252 burritos were sold. In December, only half a month thanks to Winter Break, 170 burritos were made for consumption. However, she explained to The Roar that the amount of burritos sold depends on the weather – burritos are more popular when it is colder out. Regardless of the weather, we guarantee this munchie will take you and your stomach to “Flavortown.” If you haven’t tried a Vicki’s burrito, what are you waiting for?!