Service Learning Goes Digital


Courtesy of x2vol

Mira Berenbaum and Lauren Pakravan

Social Media Director and Staff Writer

Say goodbye to paper community service timesheets! After two years of searching for a digital platform, the Service Learning Department has found a new online system for community service, thus making it easier to submit and track their volunteer hours.

Ms. Wendy Ordower and Ms. Nancy Barber encourage students to log in to x2vol and establish their account profile. When students fill out their profiles, they can select their community service interests. Service providers can then post community service opportunities for students based on the interests that they select. They can then request to have their favorite organizations invited to post opportunities, and do not need to get signatures from the organization anymore. Instead, x2vol sends the supervisor an email so that they can approve hours virtually.

This new platform also allows students to submit their hours immediately after their community service is completed. Clara Pitt ‘18, who attended AIDS Walk Los Angeles, said, “I submitted my hours on the ride home on the subway. I got it out of the way immediately and it made my life so much easier.”

As an added benefit, x2vol is better for the environment. After being reviewed and approved by Ms. Ordower, the paper timesheets are immediately recycled. This new platform saves all the information online without wasting paper, which is better for both the environment and Ms. Ordower.

The service learning department is thrilled to have this new system and is excited to help students connect to service learning in an easier way!