New Teacher in Town


Emily Vanek

Staff Writer

Dallas, Pennsylvania: the town where “there are more cows than people.” Ms. Renee Crane, a small town girl, moved from this quaint area to the science department at Milken. She left Pennsylvania shortly after she met her husband (boyfriend at the time) who was a graduate student at UCLA. Ms. Crane wanted to go back to graduate school and saw moving to California as an opportunity to both further her education and be with her future husband.

When Ms. Crane is not at work, she enjoys running and hiking. She tries to run in the morning before school when her busy schedule allows for it. She loves to go to her secret spot, a small park to relax, but if she says where it is then “everyone’s gonna go there.” Although she has lived in California for five years and has been teaching science for seven, Ms. Crane has never truly focused on pop culture, not even the Kardashians: “I live in LA now and I’ve probably passed a million famous people and I have no idea who they are.” When asked if she misses home, Ms. Crane replies, “I do, however, miss the fall weather and the beautiful leaves in Pennsylvania, but I will be happy that I am in California once it is winter because I do not miss the snow!”

She teaches biology, chemistry, and marine biology in the high school at the present moment. Those in Ms. Crane’s class have the pleasure of benefiting from her support, intelligence, charisma, and refreshing point of view.

20 Questions:



Binge worthy TV show:

I don’t watch TV.

Celebrity crush:

I don’t know any celebrities.

Favorite midnight snack:

Cereal and milk


Teleportation because I miss my family

Favorite emoji:

Smiley face

Coffee order:

Coffee with cream

Favorite Pizza topping:


Nike or Adidas?


Who is your spirit Kardashian are you?

I don’t know who they are; but my spirit animal would be a rabbit.

What’s your next concert?

LA Opera

Which decade would you time travel to?

The 20’s; I love jazz.

Which Harry Potter house?


Wizard or Jedi?


Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?:

Breakfast for dinner

Hidden LA gem:

If I say it,  everyone is going to go there

Favorite vacation spot:

Anywhere in the mountains

Music Genre:

Classic rock

Childhood sitcom:

The Simpsons

Morning vs Night:

I’m a morning person.