Happy #ThanksGilmore: 10 Life Lessons


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Sophia Ghadoushi

Social Media Director

This week is Thanksgiving, and unlike previous years, we are blessed with more than just pumpkin pie and school break. This year we are all thankful for the return of Gilmore Girls. In honor of the iconic show returning to Netflix after ten long years, here is a list of everything the two lovely ladies of Stars Hollow, Rory and Lorelai Gilmore, have taught their Milken fans.

  1. Family is always there for you.
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Rory and Lorelai are practically Jews. Remember Friday night dinner with Emily and Richard? Shabbat dinner = major key.

2. Live in the moment; life never turns out the way we planned.

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See above. Enough said.  

3. Sometimes, you just need a good cry.

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Life hack: there are always tissues in college counseling.

4. Coffee. Is. Everything.

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Coffee is not just a drink; it’s a lifestyle (especially when you have to write a paper for AP Literature). #byefelicia

5. Everything happens for a reason…even if you don’t understand it in that moment.

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The ultimate mantra for the college process.

6. Struggling in school is absolutely normal. You don’t have to have your whole life figured out before college.

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Don’t worry about getting into your dream school; you can always be SMC bound.

7. Some of your best friendships will be the ones you least expect.

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Always be nice to everyone; that shy guy in your Hebrew class may become your best friend one day.

8. Food solves more problems than you can imagine.

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Two words: Vickie’s fries. Another word: curly.

9. Hanging out with your mom is the best. She will always be your biggest fan – be thankful for her.

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Don’t worry, your mom’s constant questions are a sign of her unconditional love.

10. Take risks and have fun because life will pass by in the blink of an eye.

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Enjoy every moment before graduating high school. It will be the ultimate end of an era!

Happy Thanksgiving!