Sukkot Sleepover


Emily Vanek

Staff Writer

For the first time, freshmen embarked on a new experience for Sukkot. This year, the ninth grade students spent the first night of Sukkot sleeping in a sukkah at schoo, surrounded by the rest of their peers. The purpose of the overnight was for the class to bond and build a stronger connection with their fellow peers through the joyous holiday of Sukkot, which focuses on fostering relationships with friends and family.

Prior to this event, Ms. Miller said, “The hope is that each 9th grader will come away from this event with new experiences, new ideas, and new friends,” said Mrs. Lauren Miller. “Without this event, the freshmen won’t have a chance to have an overnight event together until their Shabbaton in March.”

Students journeyed from sukkah to sukkah where they had a unique, hands-on experience related to the holiday. Students enjoyed many activities including getting tattoos of their Hebrew initials, making earth pots, and learning about different religious organizations that give back to people in need. Since Sukkot is about appreciation, students went on service learning experiences the next morning to different places to give back to the community. Some of the service sights included the VA Hospital, Sunshine Elderly Home, Mountain Restoration, and the Salvation Army. Overall, the Sukkot overnight was a great way for the ninth grade class to fulfill a mitzvah while simultaneously bonding with their friends.unnamed-4