Double Vision: Milken Doppelgängers


Britt Jacobson, Mira Berenbaum and Hannah Newman

Editor-in-Chief, Social Media Director and Wildlife Editor

You may think you are looking at twins. You may think you are looking at one person. You may think you are seeing double. You’re not. You are looking at Milken’s doppelgängers. Use the slider to compare in awe.

Max Hall ’20 and Jared Hassen-Klein ’18

[sciba leftsrc=”” leftlabel=”Max Hall ’20” rightsrc=”” rightlabel=”Jared Hasen-Klein ’18” mode=”horizontal” width=”40%”]


Jared Applebaum ’18 and Joshua Berenbaum ’17

[sciba leftsrc=”” leftlabel=”Jared Applebaum ’18” rightsrc=”” rightlabel=”Joshua Berenbaum ’17” mode=”horizontal” width=”40%”]


Jesse Youdai ’20 and Michael Bolour ’17

[sciba rightsrc=”” rightlabel=”Michael Bolour ’17” leftsrc=”” leftlabel=”Jesse Youdai ’20” mode=”horizontal” width=”40%”]


Sarah Pretsky ’20 and Laurel Raphael ’17

[sciba rightsrc=”” rightlabel=”Laurel Raphael ’17” leftsrc=”” leftlabel=”Sarah Pretsky ’20” mode=”horizontal” width=”40%”]


Eliana Hallegua ’20 and Laureen Akram ’17

[sciba leftsrc=”” leftlabel=”Eliana Hallegua ’20” rightsrc=”” rightlabel=”Laureen Akram ’17” mode=”horizontal” width=”40%”]


Shane Brunswick ’20 and Jacob Simon ’18

[sciba rightsrc=”” rightlabel=”Jacob Simon ’18” leftsrc=”” leftlabel=”Shane Brunswick ’20” mode=”horizontal” width=”40%”]


Alexander Barlava ’17 and Brandon Soufer ’17

[sciba leftsrc=”” leftlabel=”Alexander Barlava ’17” rightsrc=”” rightlabel=”Brandon Soufer ’17” mode=”horizontal” width=”40%”]


Aidan Shev ’18 and Daniel Cohen ’18

[sciba rightsrc=”” leftlabel=”Aidan Shev ’18” leftsrc=”” rightlabel=”Daniel Cohen ’18” mode=”horizontal” width=”40%”]


Daniella Bick ’18 and Ms. Amy Frangipane

[sciba leftsrc=”” leftlabel=”Daniella Bick ’18” rightsrc=”” rightlabel=”Ms. Amy Frangipane” mode=”horizontal” width=”40%”]


Daniel Woznica ’17 and Mr. Harrison Gallway

[sciba rightsrc=”” rightlabel=”Mr. Harrison Gallway” leftsrc=”” leftlabel=”Daniel Woznica ’17” mode=”horizontal” width=”40%”]


Sawyer Kroll ’17 and Mr. Billy Kaplan

[sciba leftsrc=”” leftlabel=”Sawyer Kroll ’17” rightsrc=”” rightlabel=”Mr. Billy Kaplan” mode=”horizontal” width=”40%”]


Natalie Stone ’20 and Mrs. Kate Price

[sciba leftsrc=”” leftlabel=”Natalie Stone ’20” rightsrc=”” rightlabel=”Mrs. Kate Price” mode=”horizontal” width=”40%”]


Brian Pearlman ’17 and Mr. David Kates

[sciba leftsrc=”” leftlabel=”Brian Pearlman ’17” rightsrc=”” rightlabel=”Mr. David Kates” mode=”horizontal” width=”40%”]


Ms. Mira Zarfati and Coach Barbara Iversen

[sciba leftsrc=”” leftlabel=”Ms. Mira Zarfati” rightsrc=”” rightlabel=”Coach Barbara Iversen” mode=”horizontal” width=”40%”]