Man, Myth, Legend: Mr. Martinez


Evan Satlin

Staff Writer

Mr. Javy Martinez is one of Milken Community School’s newest additions to the computer science and engineering department. He goes by nicknames such as “Lord Mar,” “Oh Captain my Captain,” “The Chosen One,” “Marticus” and “Donnie Osmond.” Though it is his first year at Milken, Martinez has been teaching for 15 years. In his free time, he likes to work out and surf. He reminisces about when he used to play competitive volleyball and tennis for his high school and outside leagues. Martinez is a Japanese/Spanish hybrid who has a bachelor’s degree in geography, a focus in meteorology, and two masters degrees from LMU and USC. Martinez was a powerful varsity athlete at his high school, Venice High school, known for their outstanding football and volleyball programs. In class, he was quiet and not the most optimistic student: “I was the type of student who was very smart, but would do just the right amount of work to pass. I do not suggest that students these days do what I did.”  

20 Questions: Teacher Edition



Binge worthy TV show?

Narcos, Stranger Things, Family Guy, Chopped, Ray Donovan

Celebrity crush?

Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson, The Rock

Favorite Midnight Snack?

Bacon covered hot dogs



Favorite Emoji?

Any bit-moji (your face animated)

Favorite pizza topping?


Nike or Adidas?

Adidas. “Fits my feet better”

Which Kardashian are you? (Spirit Kardashian)

I know Kim, so probably her.

What’s your next concert?

Coachella, Buckley had a “Find Mr. Martinez” contest and would take selfies with me when they found me. I would wear very interesting outfits at Coachella such as a kilt.

Which decade would you time travel to?

I am Infatuated with Euro history. I would travel to 1770 in England to see their reaction after the USA made the Declaration of Independence.

Which Harry Potter house?

Slytherin because I am mischievous.

Wizard or Jedi?

Neither because I’m cool

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?


Hidden LA gem?

Magic Castle

Favorite vacation spot?

Cuba or London

Music Genre:

Rock music or R&B

Childhood sitcom:

Darkwing Duck, “Let’s get dangerous”

Morning or night person?

Morning now, I don’t mind going to sleep anymore