The Not-So-New New Teacher


Mira Berenbaum

Social Media Director

Although new to teaching in the Visual Arts department, Ms. Ariel Brenner is no stranger to the Milken community. Brenner was born in Los Angeles, attended Valley Beth Shalom for elementary school and then joined the Milken community in seventh grade. While at Milken, Brenner was the News Editor for The Roar, and she joined both the swimming and water polo teams. After graduating in 2012, Brenner continued her education at UC Berkeley where she studied Architecture and Sustainable Design. She had a couple of internships in the architecture field, but was not set on going that route. When the opportunity arose to teach at her former high school, Brenner jumped at the opportunity to return. Brenner says, “It’s great to be back at my home school.”

This is Brenner’s first teaching job and first “real” job since college graduation. When not teaching in the Architecture and Design Institute, Brenner enjoys swimming, listening to music, going to concerts, hanging out with friends and cooking. She also enjoys spending time with her two brothers, Zachary ‘14 and Jordan ‘17.

Favorite season:


Binge worthy TV show:

Orphan Black  Game of Thrones

Celebrity crush:

Joe Biden

Favorite midnight snack:

Any combination of bread and cheese


I would like to be able to read people’s thoughts as well as print out my own thoughts

Favorite emoji

The bee, the peace sign and the moon

Coffee order:

Mocha or Arnold Palmer

Favorite pizza topping:

Plain cheese or artichoke hearts

Nike or Adidas:


Which Kardashian are you?

I don’t follow the Kardashians

What’s your next concert?

Bastille, The 1975, and hopefully Greenday

Which decade would you time travel to?

Stay the same age in the 90’s

Which Harry Potter house?


Wizard or Jedi:


Breakfast, lunch, or dinner:


Hidden LA gem:

The overlook at the end of Mulholland; my friends and I call it the mound because it’s just a giant dirt mound.

Favorite vacation spot:

Sitting by the pool at my parents’ house

Favorite Music Genre:


Childhood sitcom:

Seinfeld and Frasier

Morning vs Night: