The Ultimate New Design Teacher


Lauren Pakravan

Staff Writer 

Although it is her fourteenth year of teaching, Ms. Delphine Anaya is still ecstatic about her new position as the graphic design and fashion teacher at Milken. Born and raised in San Francisco, Ms. Anaya calls herself a “California girl.” She attended public school up until college, where she attended The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Ms. Anaya became interested in design while reading teen fashion magazines, helping her become well dressed, and leading her to become an artist. Outside of school, Ms. Anaya spends her time sewing ugly dolls, traveling, and salsa dancing. Ms. Anaya looks forward to learning more about the Jewish religion and is fascinated to see how the cultural duplicity works in our school. She is also interested in seeing the school’s culture through the perspective of the students and one day hopes to be able to travel to Israel with someone who has a deep connection to it.

20 Questions: Teacher Edition



Binge-worthy TV show?

Breaking Bad

Celebrity crush?

Doesn’t have one

Favorite midnight snack:



Going back and forth in time

Favorite Emoji:

Heart eye  

Coffee order:

Straight up coffee

Favorite Pizza topping:


Nike or Adidas:


Which Kardashian are you?


What’s your next concert?

Counting Crows

Which decade would you time travel to?

Travel back to China during the Ming dynasty

Which Harry Potter house?

Cho Chang

Wizard or Jedi?


Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?


Hidden LA gem:

Any Zumba class

Favorite vacation spot in mind:

Traveling anywhere

Music Genre:


Childhood sitcom

The Brady Bunch

Morning vs Night