Graduation: From Mulholland to Beverly Glen


Courtesy of Andrea Smith, Milken Community Schools

Mira Berenbaum and Hannah Newman

Social Media Director and Wildlife Editor

After 25 Milken graduations at Stephen S Wise Temple, the senior graduation will be held at Sinai Temple due to scheduling conflicts.

Some students are upset about the venue change because they have celebrated many milestones at Wise Temple and want to celebrate graduation there. Kobi Hekmat-Niaz ‘17, a graduate of the Wise School, says, “One thing that bothers me is that I grew up at Wise and I have been looking forward to [graduation at Wise Temple] for my whole life. All the other Milken classes have graduated at Wise, including my sister’s class, and I feel like I’m not having the same experience as them.”

On the other hand, Sinai is a major feeder school for Milken and many students feel a connection to Sinai. Ashley Yeshoua ‘17 attended Sinai and says, “I celebrated my Bat Mitzvah and middle school graduation at Sinai, and I’m excited to have one more celebration there.”

Mr. Gary Weisserman, Head of School, is excited about the change in setting. “As a community school, we are delighted that we have the option of celebrating our students’ accomplishments in multiple locations,” Weisserman noted. “Being able to do so at such a wonderful place that has been central to so many of our students’ Jewish experiences is a terrific opportunity.”

The sanctuary at Sinai has some benefits in terms of the setup. The Sinai sanctuary holds over 2,000 people, so each family will be given more tickets to graduation. Additionally, everyone will be able to face the front, unlike some guests who have faced the back of speakers in the past. The procession will also be slightly different this year. Students will process down the middle of a big rectangle so everyone will be closer to the precession. The students will also sit in the first three rows instead of on the bleachers on the stage.

“This was a logistical decision, not a philosophical decision,” Mr. Beau Lindsay, Assistant Principal noted. “I don’t think it will change the philosophy of our graduation. It will still be a Milken graduation.”