Roar Launch Contest! We have our winners!

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Our four winners:

  1. Rachel Kattler Kupetz
  2. Hannah Duvivier
  3. Andrew Farkash
  4. Joe Goldman

These four people need to come see Mr. McAdamis in 4-111 to get their gift card! Congratulations!

To help celebrate the introduction of the all-new online Milken Roar publication, we are excited to offer all of our readers a chance to win one of four $25.00 gift certificates to the Milken Student Store. All you have to do is fill out a “Letter to the Editor” by clicking the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of this website, and send us the answers to ALL of the following four questions:

1. “Which student-athlete opted to stay back from Tiferet and why?”

2. “What show does Eliana Steinberg watch on the weekend?

3. “What is our spotlight athlete’s Milken record?”

4. Who is “b LA ze’s” protege? (hint: we spelled something wrong on purpose)


The FIRST FOUR students to submit the correct answers to all of the above four questions will win a $25.00 gift card to the Milken Student Store (limit one gift card per student). All answers are contained in one of the articles currently on Winners will be contacted via email later this week, and announced shortly thereafter on the website. So what are you waiting for? Start reading!

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Do you know the answers to the contest questions?