Tiyulim Week: El Capitan


Hannah Newman

Wildlife Editor


During Tiyulim Week, 38 students and four faculty members headed to the scenic El Capitan mountains for an adventurous trip which comprised of rock climbing, kayaking, and paddle-boarding. On the first day, the students prepared for rock climbing by practicing at Rockreation in Los Angeles. The next day they drove down to Santa Barbara and arrived at Leadbetter Beach to stand up paddle-board and play bonding games before heading to the campsite. Upon arrival at the beach, the group met their Santa Barbara Adventure Company guides that would be leading them for the next couple days. After a windy afternoon of stand up paddle-boarding, the group departed for the campsite to move into their cabins for the next two nights. Once the students got settled, dinner was served and the students helped prep and cleanup. After dinner, the group went on a night hike to watch the sun set over the ocean. Upon returning to the campsite, there was a campfire ready for marshmallows to be roasted and s’mores to be made. The next morning, the group split into two groups, one of which went on a beautiful hike in Montecito and the other went kayaking at Refugio State Beach. For the last day of the trip the groups switched activities.


A highlight of the trip was the bonding that occurred between students and faculty. Alexis Ribakoff ‘17 explains that she became closer with faculty she wouldn’t have spoken to if it weren’t for the trip. Jennifer Clemens ‘17 also said that, “Dr. Morgan, Mr. Steele, Mr. Painter, and Coach B made the trip super fun and were always willing to hang out with the students.” Aside from becoming closer with faculty, the students enjoyed bonding with younger/older students. The Santa Barbara Adventure Company leaders facilitated many group games and team building challenges that provoked students to interact with people other than their friends. Another highlight from the trip was students stepping out of their comfort zones on the rock wall and attempting to overcome their fear of heights. It was very special to see sea lions and otters in the ocean while kayaking. The second group to go kayaking on the last day of the trip were about 50 feet away from sea lions on a buoy and also saw a bunch on a dock close to shore.


The El Capitan Tiyul was a learning experience for many students. Being able to rock climb, kayak, and paddle board was an opportunity for Milken students to try something new and learn about themselves while having fun. New friendships were created, and relationships between students and teachers were strengthened. Students that went on this trip returned home with new knowledge of nature, rock climbing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and most importantly, themselves.