Tiyulim Week: Float On

Tiyulim Week: Float On

Natalie Ahdoot and Lauren Pakravan

Staff Writers

The Float On Tiyul was a unique experience where students had the opportunity to experience an intensive five day sailing course. This allowed them to earn their ASA 101 and ASA 103 sailing certifications. ASA 101 allows the student to charter and skipper sailboats up to 22′ that do not have an auxiliary engine, and ASA 103 allows the student to charter and skipper sailboats up to 33′ that have an auxiliary engine. Students were not only able to become more familiar with sailing, but they were able to learn the proper instructions to sail the boats themselves. The students were taught about the different parts of the boats and their functions.

Additionally, they were able to learn various techniques about  how to properly draw in the sails. Students were able to solo-sail a 33′ boat on the open ocean after only 4-5 days of lessons. On the last day, after intense sailboat lessons, the students had the privilege to take their boats out of the marina, into the ocean, and race.

This particular tiyul was very technical and detailed, but the students were able to come out of the experience able to say that they know how to sail a boat. Ask them to “prepare to come about” and you will see them spring into action, as they are able to adjust the mainsail and jib as the skipper yells, “Helms Alee,” and cuts through the wind for a new track. Our Milken peers were able to discover just how many adventures someone could have on a boat. Besides learning about sailing and boats, the students were able to grasp an even more important lesson: they were able to see that there is so much more in the world to experience that is inaccessible by cars and unavailable in big cities. The tiyul opened their eyes to the beauty and simplicity of just being on the water, able to experience true serenity.